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Louboutin The world has once again had a mysterious case this season, continuing the amazing dark movie theme of the last season. Christian Louboutin Spring 2017 Summer Lookbook brings a new thriller. This season’s work highlights a different and bright attitude, and mixes materials to the extreme.

Photo courtesy of Christian Louboutin

This season another mysterious case shows up in the Louboutin world. As the continuation of last season’s dark themed movie, Christian Louboutin SS17 Lookbook once again brings new thriller. This season highlights alternative and bright attitude to maximize the mix of materials.

Photo courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Red shoes Christian Louboutin is not something you want to wear!

About the red shoes Christian Louboutin background legend

The red-soled shoes that originated in the Louis XIV period were carried forward in the hands of Christian Louboutin.

The use of red as a sole can be traced back to a longer time: during the Louis XIV period, only noble men could make the heel red. The red dye was expensive at the time, and only the aristocrats could afford it, but then the red heel of the French Revolution slowly faded out of sight. Two centuries later, in the story “The Red Shoes” by the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, the beautiful and lovely girl in the story kept dancing after wearing magical red shoes. Louis XIV was wearing red-skinned shoes in the 17th century.

The release of the classic fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz” in 1936 further consolidates the wonderful connection between “Little Red Shoes” and magic. If you want to say who created the red shoes, it will certainly not be Christian Louboutin, but it is understandable that Christian Louboutin’s efforts on red shoes are the biggest, and its influence is also the biggest.

In the early 1990s, Christian Louboutin invented red shoes. Shortly after the establishment of Christian Louboutin, Moroccan Princess Caroline fell in love with Christian Louboutin’s red-soled shoes, and then Hollywood set off a frenzy of red-soled shoes. After 20 years of persistence and hard work, the “red bottom” in the world of fashion women as long as they see the red bottom, we must know that Christian Louboutin, which is why Christian Louboutin can not tolerate other brands to produce “red shoes”.

Why is it that the red bottom is not something you want to wear?

1. First you should wear red shoes

The price of red shoes is not low or even high among all brands. The price of each pair of shoes ranges from 5000-12000CNY. If you need to customize, the price is higher. This is definitely a NL for Beishangguang. A big number, plus the footwear products are more likely to wear out than the bag clothing…

2. Then you have to wear red shoes

Although the red-soled shoes also have a lot of low-heeled shoes, the classic pointed, narrow version, no water table, and the high-heeled 12cm red-soled shoes are really sexy and attractive. There are many 16CM or more with waterproof platform. . Such shoes are more difficult to control for anyone, even if they wear it, it is very hard!

3. Finally, you must wear red shoes.

Red shoes have a very good historical background and legendary stories. She is a symbol of the most noble status. Maybe you can wear red shoes, but you don’t have to wear red shoes. It is closely related to your temperament.

So, it’s still a reality. The red bottom is just a dream, not what you want to wear. Of course, there are no exceptions, and there are some people who can control it, such as Lady Gaga, Bessie, Keer…

If you meet all the above conditions, please see the item recommendation:

Left: Christian Louboutin Paralili 100 patent leather and PVC slings 5450CNY

The heel is about 10 cm high. Christian Louboutin’s ‘Paralili’ open-soled shoes are made in Italy from patent leather and clear PVC, yet elegant in style. It has Dolce designs on both sides, with gold pointed, white stripes and black heels 5450CNY

Right: Christian Louboutin Bettina 100 leather high heels 5750CNY

The heel is about 10 cm high. Christian Louboutin’s ‘Bettina’ pumps are so versatile that they complement the denim, neat suits and even dresses. Buckle straps provide support and can be adjusted to suit individual needs to ensure fit.

Left: Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes 100 leather high heels 8450CNY

The heel is about 10 cm high. Christian Louboutin’s newly re-interpreted “Pigalle” high heels are embellished with glamorous candy-colored rivets. This pair of shoes is a versatile style, whether it is a slim dress or a vibrant little dress, it can be matched with it.

Right: Christian Louboutin So Kate 120 Ayers snakeskin high heels 7450CNY

The heel is about 12 cm high. Christian Louboutin’s “So Kate” high heels stand out for their elegant, ultra-fine heels. Made from orange, midnight blue and cream-striped Ayers snakeskin, these pair of pointed shoes are extremely stunning. It is recommended to pair it with a casual essential piece to add a touch of bright color to your outfit.

Every woman has a dream of high-heeled shoes. One celebrity once said, “When a woman looks at the world on high-heeled shoes, don’t expect her to look at the world.” But not everyone can achieve this dream, of course, everyone has their own pair of high heels, a color, a height. Because this is not a dream, this is the most authentic one!

Do you know the legend of Christian Louboutin?

Christmas is coming, Christian Louboutin brings us a legend – “Magic Craftsman and Lost Stars”, open the album, let us come to the world of CL…

A long time ago, a country unfortunately indulged in the infinite darkness. There is no sun during the day and no stars or moon at night. An extraordinary shoemaker was alone in the black house at the top of the stone tower, devoutly writing a letter. “Dear the sky,” he just opened his head and quickly crossed out and changed it to “My dearest sky”, but it was deleted again. He knows that he can’t be forgiven, and the darkness will always hang over the country. Many years ago, this talented young shoemaker made a shocking deal with the sky. He actually borrowed all the stars of the midnight.

He used his deep eyes to call the echo of the sky, begging the sky to borrow his stars. With the stars, he can make a pair of beautiful shoes. The sky was impressed by this whimsical friend, generously responded to his request, and reminded the craftsman when the midnight bell rang: If you don’t return the stars after twenty-four hours, the moon will no longer appear in the night sky. The sun is no longer warm. This country will lose its whiteness, and the long night will be long and boundless.

The young shoemaker made a promise to the sky, and the stars and stars flew into the room and surrounded him. In a galaxy, he quickly sketched and danced with a knife. The shoemaker’s flexible fingers are magically fiddling with different shoemaking tools: elegant shoe lasts, slim heels, delicate toe caps… stars, carefully placed in the blue sheepskin. In the end, he gave the soles a striking red. A pair of beautiful fairy tales was born, and the eye-catching light is even more embarrassing than the night sky.

The shoemaker placed the pair in the shoe box with his own name, Christian Louboutin, and quickly sent it to the palace. The queen was very surprised, every step of the dance was shining, and all the guests were dumped. Midnight is coming, young shoemakers are anxiously waiting in the workshop.

However, at this time, the Queen’s servant sent a delicate wooden box. She couldn’t give up the pair of stars, and ordered the treasure chest to be exchanged for the stars. The shoemaker opened the box and looked at it with a box of precious materials and shoe-making tools, exquisite tweed, goatskin, silk and countless gems! The shoemaker hesitated, and the enthusiasm for shoemaking finally forced him to leave his vow to the sky. He promised the Queen’s request and left the treasure chest.

The shoemaker woke up the next day, and the sun did not rise as usual. As the sky reminded, the earth fell into deep darkness, and the young craftsmen looked at the dark world. Time passed by in the darkness, and the queen gradually grew old and died. The two grown-up princesses, though their different personalities, are as fascinated as ever. Especially for the pair of stars dance shoes. The shoemaker has been pleading for years and has not touched the two princesses.

At this time, the country is rumored to be rumored, and the two princesses seem to have formed a deep hatred. The greedy princesses want to take the pair of stars full of stars as they are. The shoemaker once again fell into deep uneasiness and embarrassment. At this moment, a corner of the room glowed, and the shoemaker followed the light to find the dusty wooden box and found the shoe last that was the queen’s shoe. Full of box tools and treasures shine, his inspiration is resurrected again! The shoemaker combines two wooden shoes with skillful craftsmanship to create a unique masterpiece of art. This rare object is covered with soft lambskin, with a strong metallic finish, a delicate silhouette, a flexible slender zipper and a unique buckle. Like the star dance shoes, the shoemaker also gave it a dazzling bright red and wrote his name!

The shoemaker was not willing to delay for a moment and immediately set off for the palace. The shoemaker showed the two princesses, “What treasures have you brought, is it noble and extraordinary?” asked a princess in a sly tone. “What treasures have you brought, if you are as special as you said, I must take it for granted!” Another princess was not willing to show weakness. In the face of the greedy princess, the shoemaker handed this treasure.

Suddenly a wonderful thing happened! This treasure is glittering in the hands of a living and princess; in the hands of another princess who is restrained, it turns into a deep and unpredictable black. “Smart and dexterous shoemaker, your wonderful and magical new work makes us intoxicated. The bitter hatred has disappeared, and you use your whimsy to save the crack between our sisters.” However, the shoemaker immediately robbed the treasure from the hands of the princesses: “If you want to get this treasure, please allow me to return the stars to the sky and bring light to the earth!” The princess looked nervously at the stars. Dance shoes, and cast a look at the exquisite treasures in the hands of the shoemaker.

In the face of magical charm, the princess finally returned the star dance shoes to the shoemaker. Louboutin quietly left. In the darkness, he was lightning fast, stepping on the stairs of the stone tower, pushing open the window, excitedly The stars are removed from the shoes, thank you for the dazzling light they bring, and wish them a smooth return to the sky. The stars finally hang high again and reproduce the sparkle.

“You created my stunning beauty with my stars, but the price is so heavy. Fortunately, you finally made the right decision, my dear friend. Remember, never let hope fall.” The moon and the stars are hung again. In the sky, the shoemaker can finally sleep with satisfaction. The next day, I believe that the rising sun will definitely awaken him from his dreams.

Christian Louboutin that a woman must have, and more stories that you don’t know

Some of Christian Louboutin is far more than red or hate high, just take the most popular word belt and strap sandals for example. Almost every girl has at least one pair. In fact, CL already has

The above styles of high heels are popular “hot models”, but they have appeared in Christian Louboutin’s design over the years.

The most popular socks and high heels, Christian Louboutin also played in 2001!

Every woman seems to want to have a pair of Christian Louboutin, especially the red of the sole, it is really fascinating

Louboutin said that he was not very satisfied with the appearance of a pair of shoes, then grabbed a bottle of nail polish from a colleague and painted the soles red.

“It gives the whole shoe a new life, exactly the same as my sketch, so I think so, I should use color to outline the outline,” he said.

Later, I added that although some of his guests always felt black all over the body, their red lips and red nails gave him the courage to try the red bottom.

Many of his death loyalties come from Hollywood stars who wear red shoes and walk the red carpet.

Rihanna, also likes to use Christian Louboutin in private.

What you never expected is that the first pair of shoes designed by Christian Louboutin is not a high heel, but a pair of flat shoes.

That’s right, this pair of flat shoes with the word “LOVE” is also very interesting about the design of these shoes.

LOVE, the first pair of shoes designed by Christian Louboutin

The Princess of England, Diana, was inspired by the photos of the shoes and sad expressions sitting in front of the Taj Mahal. So he designed the LOVE flats, which I wanted to see Princess Diana see from her point of view. Written LOVE, dispelling her sadness in the photo

This pair of designs is inspired by the dancers. You can get an elegant sense of agility from the front of the Pigalle toe and the flowing tasseled heel. It can not only modify your leg shape, but also Let you get different elements on the front and back

Guinness’s play is very heavy. Can you imagine that the design of the heel is derived from beer cans? Today, this playful beer heel also captures the hearts and minds of countless inner and lively women.


You may be confused when you look at the name. How can there be garbage in Christian Louboutin? I hope to design a pair of abstract, simple and pretentious shoes. Once again, he used the garbage in the trash of a female worker in the factory to mix it with his previously designed shoe frame to get this creative. Casual shoes


This pair of shoes has a romantic story: a Christian Louboutin female friend falls into deep love, can not wait to be inseparable from her husband, and Christian meets her request, he will love the friend’s husband’s love letter and friends’ hair, together with the husband and wife The set of items is sealed at the heel, so that the friends are really inseparable from the lover.

For everyday collocation, even if you have a simple pair, just have a pair of Christian Louboutin to make the embellishment, it will definitely make the whole shape get the finishing touch.

So be a woman, you must have a pair of Christian Louboutin in your shoe cabinet.

Christian Louboutin men’s shoes are very popular, classic is worth collecting

For the spring and summer of 2017, Christian Louboutin’s men’s collection has made new progress, blending old and modern shoemaking processes. Christian Louboutin combines traditional, centuries-old Italian leathermaking and innovative border-pushing designs to showcase the beauty.

This style shows the precision and extraordinary depth of the leather craft that matches the high quality leather it creates.

Using machinery in the production process makes each step more precise. Greggo Flat is the favorite of the red carpets of celebrities around the world, and its smooth appearance is achieved by Lambris, a smooth leather sole that matches the edges with wax-based dyes to create a natural wavy leather.

Hand-finishing increases the color and luster of the leather. The material is 100% natural, without any chemical intrusion, and is manually applied in several steps for 1-2 days.

In addition to the Louboutin signature, there is a red line, full of anger.

It looks more bold and creative!

In addition to the uniqueness of the appearance, Christian Louboutin is more of a cultural and traditional accumulation, each shoe is guaranteed to create!

THEMAKER TIPS|Rocking Red Carpet in Louboutin’s Shoes

Ryan Gosling © Getty Images

Wearing Greggo, courtesy of Christian Louboutin

It is that time when everybody’s buzzing about this year’s Oscar winners, but the outfits donned on the award night attract just as much attention.

Felicity Jones © Getty Images

Wearing Bat Bat, courtesy of Christian Louboutin

The red-carpet-ready look is not just about haute couture clothing. The iconic Christian Louboutin’s shoes belong to A-list happenings, and the 89th Academy Awards was no exception. Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake opted for Greggo, black patent leather lace up dress shoes. Felicity Jones arrived at the Oscars wearing gold leather sandals with hand embroidered dragonflies. Isabelle Huppert finished her stunning shimmering look with pink suede platform sandals Louloudance, while Riz Ahmed’s navy blue tux was accompanied with Alpha Male navy and black dress shoes. Luke Bracey, Terrance Howard, Chris Evans and David Oyelowo also opted for Louboutin’s shoes to finish their Oscar’s look.

Riz Ahmed © Getty Images

Wearing Alpha Male, courtesy of Christian Louboutin

It’s time for everyone to start paying attention to this year’s Oscar winners, and at the same time everyone is paying attention to the dressing of everyone on the night of the awards.

Isabelle Huppert © WireImage

Wearing Louloudance, courtesy of Christian Louboutin

The Oscar red carpet was not only showcased haute couture, but Christian Louboutin’s iconic shoes were also popular, making a splash at the 89th Academy Awards. Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake chose the black patent leather lace dress shoes Greggo. Felicity Jones chose gold hand-embroidered suede sandals to attend Oscar. Isabelle Huppert wears pink suede sandals Louloudance, with a charming, shiny face. Riz Ahmed is wearing a navy blue tuxedo and Alpha Male’s blue-black shoes. Luke Bracey, Terrance Howard, Chris Evans and David Oyelowo also chose Louboutin’s shoes to complete the Oscar debut

go in to the red high heels master Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin’s sexy red shoes, but the world’s fashion girls want to have a sacred gift. At the same time, it is also curious to know that the master is located in the home of Paris, what is the style? Christian Louboutin’s mansion in Opéra, Paris, is a perfect interpretation of the minimalist French style.

But the master will certainly not be disappointing. The house is full of unique collections that he brought home after traveling around the country, such as Egyptian-style chairs, feather headpieces from the Amazon, and North American god masks and dolls, plus him. The zebra-patterned carpet, often used in shoes and handbags, adds a mysterious and gorgeous wild exotic atmosphere to the mansion.

The shoe master is of course also a shoe fan. In addition to his room full of nearly 200 pairs of shoes, there is a mask of Prince William of England. The original red shoe master is also fun and cute except for taste.

Christian Louboutin autumn and winter women’s shoes

Christian Louboutin led us through time and space, returning to his youthful Parisian style and the night of countless elegant champagne fragrances in the Le Palace Ballroom. This season combines the extraordinary energy released by Christian and his friends – free and unrestrained. Party animals”, bold and fearless, gorgeous and dazzling.

“People at that time lived very well, and having an attitude is much more interesting than being serious – everyone is dazzling and enjoys life. They are proud of their attitude and they are playing with their attitudes – A unique feminine glamour attitude,” Christian said.

Christian Louboutin autumn and winter shoes

Tropical Charm | Christian Louboutin Spring Summer Collection

It’s a splendid look on the toes.

It’s also a fascinating landscape in the walking room.

Christian Louboutin 2018 Spring Summer Collection

Elegance and creativity


From the vitality of the tropical carnival, to the mysterious romance of the distant East, to the elegant and modern British retro…Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection opens a new season across the space with a variety of regional styles and bold and innovative colors. .

Inspired by the daily life of the Aztecs, the Aztec collection: Kaleitop 85, Donata Flat, and Kaleikita 100 perform a different tribal style. The beautiful ornaments are presented with sun patterns and gemstone details, showing the infinite worship and love of the sun.

Oriental charm continues to inspire and attract the world in the 2018 Spring/Summer collection. Regardless of day and night, the Oriental elegance of Muller’s shoes at Medinana Flat is eye-catching. Lightweight shoes with soft leather and mini studs add brilliance to the bright tassels.

The British rock music of the 1960s, with the magical color of the hallucinogen, provided a continuous inspiration for the designer Christian Louboutin, which was reinterpreted in this season’s footwear collection. Bibababy Flat’s eye-catching color is the epitome of the 60s style, and the mosaic of colored metal and transparent heel reveals the beauty of creativity.

The sun on the west coast of the United States penetrates the palm, leaving light and mottled, giving the Explotek 100 a fantastic shoe shape. Rich color leather with fishnet detailing softens the original geometric lines of the Explotek 100, adding a touch of palm tenderness.

Line outline

Interpret the infinite charm of the lines, this season Christian Louboutin uses a variety of shoes to perform the wonderful toe.

The different materials are designed with a strap-on design to give the Toerless Muse Flat a sense of elegance and elegance. The unique design with details and elegance elegantly outlines the sexy lines of the female ankle.

Designer Christian Louboutin’s Girlistrappi 100 shoe, named after actress Blake Lively, seems to lead us into her closet and explore her elegant taste of cross strappy heels.

Corsankle Flat cites the design of the women’s corset and applies it to the design of the ankle straps of the shoes, revealing the feminine contours of women. The arch is made of different materials and is eye-catching.

The brightly coloured stitching design unleashes an invigorating look, and Antigua Bay Flat’s smooth, streamlined straps make women’s glamour come out.

Decorative Arts

Unlimited creativity in the details. Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection blends stunning creativity into the shoe’s décor, making each pair of shoes as artistic as the eye-catching.

Grinding crystal clear crystals into stars, embellished on textured velvet, Gravitanita shoes are as intoxicating as the vast galaxy.

The perfect combination of geometric elements and nature, the metal butterfly shape combined with different kinds of rivets is admirable, and the Farfaclou Flat’s toe is like a flapping wing, which creates a unique sight.

The new rubber soles, soft and bright tones, whether you are walking on Venice Beach or enjoying the city night with your love, Buckle Up series can always bring unlimited wear and tear between high and low.

Colorful, bright and colorful, the extraordinary style of the Cherry series debut. These delightful cherry motifs are decorated with hand-embroidered and cracked leather to create a fun and elegant look.

Strolling the city

Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2017 men’s collection continues the gentleman’s classic elegance while incorporating a creative design that reveals a new modern gentleman’s look.

In addition to the gentleman’s classic footwear design, the men’s new shoe type Zewar Flat combines the creativity with the chic and elegant classics.

Charlie Clou Flat presents the face of Louboutin gentleman with round rivets. The carved details of Charlie Me Flat’s shoes make the gentleman more attractive in this business season.

Vital innovation

In the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the Rantus Orlato Flat Glossy Patent exudes summer vitality with seasonal, vibrant colours; the AC Louis Flat, with its innovative, unlined design, is a summertime close friend of Louboutin gentleman with lightness and comfort.

Oliveira Flat combines the brand’s signature embroidered badges with Muller shoe styles. With the attitude of Dandelion, it also has an unparalleled softness and lightness. This summer, Oliveira Flat will be a gentle walk of the city gentleman.

Christian Louboutin Fall Winter Movies

Each of Christian Louboutin’s collections also expresses the designer’s unique perspective on women in different ways, and this season is no exception. The 2018 autumn and winter series reveals the typical masculine style, inspired by the changing female psychology, showing the neutral charm of legends such as Marlene Dietrich.

The shoes made from men’s clothing combine with superb cuts and a variety of traditional men’s fabrics, including flannel, wool and cashmere. The elegant design comes from Louboutin Homme’s classic style, including booties, oxfords and derby shoes, with the above One season’s best-selling Zazou and Platt Dance Flat flat shoes, between the formal and casual styles, exudes an unexpected sexy charm.

Louboutin Homme’s more slender, three-dimensional Italian shoe last has been redesigned to match the ladies’ foot shape. Masterpump Flat dress shoes bring three variations, all of which combine a slender Italian look with a tempting traditional Oxford toe to showcase the femininity of menswear, yet elegant and feminine, perfect for tempting sexy looks . Masterpump Flat uses a smooth, glossy patent leather to pay tribute to successful entrepreneurs. The dark grey and crimson suede styles are reminiscent of the famous scholars, while the black velvet version adds to the exquisite style of men’s dresses. .

The more casual style of the FRWL Orlato 55 is the fashion attitude of the French New Wave actress. The subtle design is complemented by a British round toe, plus a swirl print with cashmere and dark red flannel, a lambskin toe and a transparent The current thick heel. Leather shoes with Italian Orlatura piping, painted with beaded leather, and intertwined with delicate lines

The new style of Masterboot exudes awe-inspiring temperament, with avant-garde bright black calf patent leather and luxurious dark blue suede. The New Masterboot Flat features a traditional Chelsea boot structure with elastic side and pull ear for a casual yet casual look. The Gadessita 55 features the same bootie structure with a chunky heel and a high heel, black lambskin and camel suede for a more refined look. The above three avant-garde shoes are also derived from the men’s collection, and nowadays they are transformed into fashionable women’s shoes, which highlights the charming and charming style of Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin – the delicate temptation to refuse

Christian Louboutin perfectly highlights the feminine and unobtrusive mature sexy

Especially the phrase “Every girl should have a pair of red shoes” makes it famous.

Classic red and black, the focus of the eye

When hesitating, the classic is the answer.

Classic recommended style NO.1

Classic recommended style NO.2

Bright and colorful, soft and light. Walking tassels swaying,

New recommended style NO.3

Grass recommended style NO.4

The crystal is dotted with a charming night sky and belongs to the polar starlight.

Grass recommended style NO.5

A chic bow for a quiet and elegant time

Grass recommended style NO.6

A striking touch of pink and rivets

More dazzling than the light

Grass recommended style NO.7

A dazzling rainbow of light, how do you paint your weekends?

Grass recommended style NO.8

Ready to pamper yourself with that color? I choose pink!

New gentlemanism, walking style expert

Grass recommended style NO.9

Grass recommended style NO.10

The elegant game of pioneer gentlemen

Grass recommended style NO.11

The infinite vitality of summer is the most beautiful scenery of the toe

For Christian Louboutin, many people have revealed

Red soles have a deadly appeal to men

Christian Louboutin red shoes, rights to red shoes, patent danger

French luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin has recently been plagued by the patent to protect his iconic red-soled shoes, and has repeatedly resorted to courts to apply for trademark protection.

In 2016, “Glory” reported that the Federal Administrative Court rejected the application of Christian Louboutin and refused to include its red-soled shoes as trademark-protected goods. (For details, see the report of “Glory”: The Swiss court rejected the Louboutin appeal and refused to provide trademark protection for its iconic red-soled shoes. In February this year, another court adviser stated that the court had no right to stop sales of other designers and retailers. Similar red shoe products. (See “Glory” report: Christian Louboutin in the Netherlands for trademark protection for red shoes, then hit the wall)

The Court of Justice of the European Union is currently reviewing the case and expects to make a decision in the next few months. However, there have been a lot of articles on the Internet recently, and it is rumored that Christian Louboutin may lose the patent for red shoes. .

However, Christian Louboutin apparently did not want to lose the patent for red shoes, and tried to clarify the problem by legal means. The brand said in the statement: “We registered the trademark as early as 2007.” Since then, Christian Louboutin has undertaken about 20 lawsuits, although it is a costly expense, but this is the The company invests in maintaining its reputation and business.

Since 2012, Christian Louboutin has complained to the Dutch court that Van Haren, a Dutch high-end fashion retailer, has allegedly infringed on his patent design for red-soled shoes and sold cheap red-soled high heels, hoping to seek legal protection. Christian Louboutin pointed out that Van Haren’s Fifth Avenue by Halle Berry series of high-heeled shoes infringed the trademark patent of its red-soled shoes. The red of the soles of Christian Louboutin red shoes has been registered in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, specifically “a specific red color used on the sole” (PANTONE 18 -1663TP).

In this case, Christian Louboutin eventually won the lawsuit, and Van Haren was banned from continuing to sell red shoes. At the same time, Christian Louboutin filed a claim asking Van Haren to pay the loss and interest. But Van Haren also questioned the validity of the “red sole red” trademark patent. The Hague Court submitted the case to the EU Supreme Court, hoping that the EU Supreme Court could make a preliminary ruling.

On February 6th, Maciej Szpunar, General Counsel of the Supreme Court of the European Union, said that the red trademark of Christian Louboutin red shoes can only be protected by EU trademark law when considering the shape of the product.

The Hague Court will then rule on the allegations made by Van Haren, Maciej Szpunar pointed out that in order to assess whether the shape of the mark brings value to the product, it is necessary to consider its intrinsic value rather than the brand or its owner.

Christian Louboutin expressed confidence in the court’s assessment, because Christian Louboutin’s inherent uniqueness and high quality make the trademark worthwhile, and the red itself or the shape of the sole is not attractive to consumers.

Christian Louboutin added: “The value of red-soled shoes comes from its reputation. It is the reputation that Christian Louboutin has continued to use the iconic red-soled shoes for 25 years and insisted on marketing. So now the general public will put the red high-heeled soles with ours. Brands are linked.”

Christian Louboutin stressed that the EU Supreme Court has not yet ruled that it is expected to make a decision between May and July 2018, when the EU Supreme Court will decide whether the standard for product shape trademarks applies to the Christian Louboutin red shoes trademark. If the answer is yes and the standard can be applied, the case will be handed over to the Hague Court.

On the other hand, if the Hague Court ruled that the red trademark registered by Christian Louboutin could not enjoy the legal protection of the registered trademark, the counterfeiter could use this legal loophole to obtain great benefits.

Christian Louboutin has been involved in the red shoe lawsuit in recent years:

On April 7, 2011, Christian Louboutin filed a lawsuit in the federal court in Manhattan, New York, suing the French luxury brand PSL (now known as Kering), the French luxury brand YSL plagiarism red shoes, demanding to stop the infringement and claim millions of dollars, and finally Gained an incomplete victory. (For details, see “Glory” report: “Memorabilia: Christian Louboutin v. YSL plagiarism red shoes”
In 2013, at the request of the Brussels court, participants in the political demonstrations in Belgium were forced to remove all posters with Christian Louboutin high heels.

The little story behind Christian Louboutin

Salvatore Ferragamo knew that she wanted to make shoes at the age of 9 and had been doing Made-to-measure shoes (Royal shoes); Roger Vivier used shoes as a sculpture; Manolo Blahnik used shoes as a story; and Jimmy Choo is a perfect extension that makes shoes into people.

Have you discovered that these have experienced the baptism of time and the big names of precipitation, and sometimes they have something in common with each other:

Roger Vivier and Manolo Blahnik, they use shoes to express the world inside their brains. Making shoes is the way they communicate with the outside world.

Jimmy Choo and Salvatore Ferragamo also have many similarities. For example, the birth of these two people is relatively poor, very small, and they know that they like to make shoes. After adulthood, I went to college to do a good job: Salvatore Ferragamo went to California to study Anatomy (anatomy); Jimmy Choo went to London to learn shoes in the UK. These two people are very determined to be custom shoes, Made-to-measure shoes.

The most similar point is that both of them have spared no effort to protect their initial intentions and protect their calling. Ferragamo’s second generation all entered the family business, and the family’s average is given to these six children, so that you do not have to be distracted to compete for family business, and manage your own section. His attire was also passed to the most talented and enthusiastic eldest daughter, Fiamma, and later Vara Pump. In the third generation, in order to ensure the inheritance of this calling, the 23 grandchildren and daughters only selected the three most capable and sincerely loved the business to enter the family business. This Ferragamo family protects the way of calling.

In order to protect his original heart, Jimmy Ch decided to leave when he was in the hands of the co-founded brand of the same name. He returned to the starting point to open a small shop to make custom shoes, and this ingenuity was written in their respective brands. In the DNA.

However, the brand is like a person! Since there is a similarity between people, there will inevitably be a far cry. Today we will talk about a very maverick existence, Christian Louboutin.

What is the biggest difference between this brand and the previously introduced brand? Everyone still remembers that some of the previous shoemakers had studied at some stage of their life, so today Christian Louboutin did not drop out of school because he had been expelled three times by the school until he was 12 years old. It is. People have no books to read, are Dropped out of school dropout, he is Got expelled from school (expelled from school) for three times, by the age of 12. Such a child should be considered a Trouble maker.

But it was the first time such a teenager made the most high-heeled shoes in the world. Why are you swearing? While few people might might recognize his face, his sole (sole) is one of the most recognized in the world. Christian Louboutin is a man who looks so ugly! You may have to look at him a hundred times before you remember his face. But his sole, S.O.L.E Do you still remember this word? When we talked about Ferragamo’s patent, Thin Steel sole, sole is the part of the sole.

This designer, this man looks like a general, but the sole of his shoes is the whole world, and he can recognize it at a glance. His sole is one of the most recognized in the world. Because all his shoes are red. Bottom shoes, this red bottom, everyone can call him Red sole or Red bottom, that is the part of the sole, it is red.

When a person is wearing the shoes and standing in the same place, you can’t see the red one. But once this person walks, every step of the way, there will always be a flash of red flashing through your eyes in a fraction of a second, just like applying a very bright lipstick to the shoes. Moreover, this bright color is from time to time when people walk around, from time to time, always can involve your nerves, staring at them and staring at them, trying to catch Catch her, so why is this the best? Will swear by the high heels.

Christian Louboutin himself is very funny when he interprets the magic of Red sole. He said that Men are like bulls. They cannot resist the red sole. When a man sees a woman, when he wears this red high heels, he Like the bulls seeing the red cloth waving, they can’t resist, want to conquer, this feeling is special.

In the world of Fashion, you can use the Saobao to evaluate. It is definitely not a derogatory. This is the supreme Compliment. Christian Louboutin was originally a very good person.

He is completely different from Jimmy Choo. When he makes shoes, Jimmy Choo wants to communicate. To understand the customer’s needs, his character, his story, and then to do the Perfect extension for this person. Madonna wore Jimmy Choo, the enhanced version of Madonna; Michelle Obama wore Jimmy Choo, an upgraded version of Michelle Obama.

Jimmy is an achievement type and a type of Supportive. He feels that customers are comfortable, that is the most important. Christian Louboutin, he feels that you are uncomfortable, in his opinion Fashion overrides comfort. (fashion is better than comfort). He feels comfortable in fashion, then why do you wear high heels, you wear a small cloth shoes. So many of his shoes are five-inch high heels. Most of his shoes are five inches tall, which is 12 centimeters.

Who is wearing such shoes? His customer base, in fact, the characteristics are still very obvious: The sexy, sky-high (hate high), signature red-soledshoes have been seen on the feet of superstarsincluding Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham.

Everyone watching “Tomb Raider” Smith, you know what style Angelina Jolie is, especially can play; Scarlett Johansson is the black widow in the “Avengers”, she is also able to play; Lady Gaga I won’t say this, everyone flips through her MV, the gas field is as high as 500 meters; Victoria Beckham is the winner of the life, now she has her own eponymous fashion brand, just her Red-soled collection, we It is possible to open a single episode. The true love powder of this red-soled shoe that everyone is familiar with in China is Fan Fan Bingbing, who dares to say “do not marry the giants, he is a giant”.

Have you found Christian Louboutin’s high-end loyal users, as if they have similarities in their temperament, the designer himself said He has a very specific customer (specific customer) in mind when he sketches a shoe.

When he was designing shoes, he had a very specific customer image in his mind. What kind of image is this? He said that I like my customer to be fierce. He hopes his clients are some embarrassing characters. Everyone thinks again, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Bingbing Fan are not very fierce. Very fierce?

What kind of shoes do people really wear, what kind of shoes do people design, then how does Christian Louboutin design such high and hard shoes?

First of all, when he was a child, the background was like this: born in France in 1963, Had no interest in school growing up, he has no interest in learning in the process of growing up, we already know. His father is a carpenter, his mother is a Stay-at-home mom, his father wasn’t around much, so Louboutin spent a lot of his early years in the company of his mother and Three elder sisters.

When I was young, my father was not at home. Christian Louboutin is the youngest in the family. It can be said that he grew up in a woman’s pile. That way, Louboutin affirmed that his hobby was influenced by the female point of view, that is, something that would attract women, and naturally attracted. Then he was not fired out of school for the third time when he was 12 years old. This time he simply did not read, left home and went shopping.

On the sign is a high heel, and then this high heel is hit with a big fork, which means that a woman can’t enter the museum with high heels. For this kind of problem, the child Trouble maker, you are so eye-catching, telling him what can’t be done, and then he started a chemical reaction in his rebellious heart. It was crossed…like, forbidden, in red. It was a forbidden sketch.

This is a forbidden shoe, so for the Louboutin who is in the rebellious period and was expelled from school for the third time, the more he looks at the shoe, the more he feels that the shoe is beautiful. It may be because the shape of the high heel itself is beautiful, but it is more likely because of the striking red cross, this image of the “forbidden shoe” stuck with him throughout the years. The look of the shoes has been in his mind for many years and is lingering.

Inspiring his first collection, then he couldn’t stop, pick up the pen and paint the shoes everywhere in the image in his head. The books on the table are the high heels he painted. “I wanted to defy that”, “Loboutin said, “I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered.”

“I want to design something to break the rules. I want to help women feel confident and feel powerful! So, he opened the fate of high heels. Then there are a lot of things happening, we don’t have one by one. I talked in detail.

He worked in the nightclub and made high heels for the dancers. He also studied with his masters and learned to make shoes with a very famous shoemaker in France in the 1970s. Then in the 80s, he also worked as a Free-lance shoe maker in Chanel, Maud Frizon, and Yves Saint Laurent. He was a freelance designer. After signing the contract, he helped design shoes for these brands. Even he even entered Roger. Vivier works. So these experiences have taught him the Thes and outs of the trade. Do you still remember this expression?

After all the inside and outside of the industry, he learned about it. In 1991, he founded his own name brand Christian Louboutin. The red-soled shoes were born after the brand was established. In 1993, one pair of shoes he had designed before was designed and handed over to the factory. When the sample was sent back, he looked at his shoes and looked at his design, which was almost exactly the same. However, Louboutin feels that the drawing was stronger, something was missing in the prototype (sample).

So where is the difference between this painting and this sample? After the sample is made, the sole of the sole is a large area of ​​black. Of course, the sole is not visible on the drawing. So when he saw this sample shoe, he always felt that it was not quite right.

At that time, Louboutin, he had a female assistant. In fact, the job of the female assistant was to help Louboutin try shoes. When there was no shoes to try, she watched Louboutin still immersed in the difference between the real thing and the sketch, and she began to be a little bored. So she took out her bottle of red nail polish Nail polish and began to paint herself.

At this time, Louboutin’s attention was suddenly captured by the small color of the front, so he was inspired to take the bottle of red Nail polish in the hands of the assistant, and applied it to the bottom of the shoe. Painted on the sole.

Suddenly the world is back, everything is right. When he saw his own pen, he was already amazed: Oh my god! Red soles are so flirtatious. The red sole is so sultry, flirt is flirting, flirtatious is very sexy and very horrible . Red would have made people feel Passion, or in such a sole, you can’t see it all the time. She wants to flash when she walks, you have to stare at her wholeheartedly to catch, how flirtatious.

Since then, the women have been unable to stop. From Princess Caroline of Monaco, the Monaco princess, All the customers asked him not to stop. The customers told him not to stop, we will have red bottoms for future shoes, And so he did.

So this Red sole became the Trademark (trademark) of Christian Louboutin shoes, and the whole world was stopped by this red color. Growing up in a woman’s pile, she was also very interested in women’s items; rebellious, but was tolerated by her mother and sister; then because the museum banned high-heeled shoes, she embarked on the road of making shoes; finally because of the assistant’s A small bottle of red nail polish made the world’s most stunning high heels. What kind of shoes are really what kind of shoes, people who want to make a bag will definitely encounter the business of making a baggage. Again, this is a compliment.

Dear friends, the little story behind our big brand, let’s just come to an end here. For more than a month, we talked about five jewellery brands, five fashion big names and the stories of their founders, and five classic red carpet shoes brands. The reason why we share these stories with you is not only because these works are so beautiful, but also because of the beauty of each, and because of the polishing of time, they have written a lot of good stories.

I don’t know if everyone like me, like to play a variety of theme parks. I think interesting people, people who are passionate about life, like a theme park, maybe there are some themes, such as haunted house is not my dish, but I like these people when sharing their theme, Passion in the eyes . That makes me feel that life has a lot of looks, and it’s all very interesting.

A brand like a person, a brand of intention must be fun. I hope that these little stories will let you enter these brand stores in the future, not only seeing the labels and logos, but also walking into the theme parks, seeing Passion everywhere, and stories everywhere.

Christian Louboutin: Kiss the soles of the red

Christian Louboutin’s signature red sole.

Shoes, stepping on the soles of the feet, but the position in the costumes is high – see a delicate man, first observe the wrist, waist and feet; and the temperament of women, rely more on the centimetres .

Christian Louboutin’s elegant high heels and the bright red on the soles satisfy all the desires and desires of women.

Women can not buy shoes for a lifetime, but must have a pair of Louboutin

Every woman’s blood is full of genes that love to buy shoes. When I walk through the window of a shoe store, I can’t help but rush in, especially in the spring when the warm wind hits. And in high heels, there is a demon-like existence, that is Christian Louboutin red shoes.

At the end of 2009, after the Latin song, Jennifer Lopez released the “Loumboutin” single, under the aggressive tunes, narrating the cry of a betrayed woman and repeating “I will throw Louboutin out of the door” – Throw out your beloved shoes and let go of your beloved feelings.

When it comes to Louboutin, I have to talk about the man behind it who knows women more than women, Christian Louboutin.

He was born in an ordinary working family in France. His father was a busy carpenter and he rarely had time to take care of the family, so his mother took the burden of taking care of him and his four sisters. Chris didn’t have much interest in learning from a young age. He loved to leave school and wander outside. One day when he was visiting the Oceanic Art Museum in Paris, he was attracted by a remarkable sign: the icon was painted with a stiletto heel that was crossed by thick lines, and the woman who was forbidden to visit the museum was wearing stilettos to prevent wear and tear. floor.

It was this eye that was better than 10,000 years. From then on, Chris plunged into the deep pit of high heels.

When he was 12 years old, he had already completely released himself in the Paris nightlife of the drunken fans. He often skipped classes and sneaked into various nightclubs and dance halls to watch performances. The performances of the dancers also awakened Chris’s high-heeled dreams: “The female models have a great influence on me. If you like high heels, that’s the real first high heels, it’s about the legs, what to wear, the body’s All decorated. They are the original idols.”

So, at a young age, he made a big decision in his heart – drop out of school.

This move was undoubtedly strongly opposed by family and friends, but Chris was steadfast in wanting to drop out of school. He said that he saw an interview with Italian actress Sophia Loren on TV. In the interview, she said that her sister was 12 years old. She dropped out of school and got her master’s degree at the age of 50. Chris thought she could be the next sister of Sophia Loren.

It is so simple to enter the fashion circle.

When he was 16 years old, he made his first pair of dance shoes. When he was selling to the nightclub, the dancers said, “Who are you? Don’t know!”, don’t want to buy this little boy’s account. .

Chris bit his teeth, and he decided to learn the skills and lay the foundation. He first went to the Follies Bergeres as an apprentice and made high heels for the dancers. Later, he learned systematically about shoemaking technology from Charles Jourdan, the prestigious brand at the time, and really entered the line.

The clever Chris quickly gained appreciation from the industry. He began to work as a shoemaker in Chanel and YSL as a freelancer. At this time he had not thought of creating his own brand. In 1988, Chris joined the famous shoe company Roger Vivier under the introduction of his parents. Under the leadership of the master, his shoe-making process has been qualitatively improved. At this time, Chris, who is already mature, has an idea, why not create a brand by himself?

In 1992, Chris, whose career was overwhelming, finally decided to set up his own brand of the same name, Christian Louboutin.

But in fact, at the beginning, CL is not an iconic red-soled shoe. Once, Chris was working on how to design a LOGO, a female colleague was gracefully painting his big red nail polish around him. He suddenly opened his mouth, since the nail polish can be applied to the foot, it can also be applied to the sole! At this point, the red-soled shoes with ecstasy and money were officially on the stage of history.

Christian Louboutin red sole is inspired by his colleague’s red nail polish.

“Little Red Shoes”: The history of litigation

Christian Louboutin’s red-soled shoes have encountered a lawsuit after being swept the world, but they are also blessed by “lawsuits.”

The tree is big, and this sentence is also applicable to Christian Louboutin’s high heels. In 2011, Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent created a “red shoes battle” because of the design of the red sole.

The cause of the incident was that Yves Saint Laurent used red as the sole in the spring/summer 2011 shoes. When it comes to “red soles”, everyone knows that this is the exclusive symbol of Christian Louboutin, but in the shoes produced by Yves Saint Laurent, there is also a distinct red background.

Christian Louboutin was angry and filed a lawsuit against YSL. In the lawsuit, Louboutin said that since February 2011 he has asked the Yves Saint Laurent brand to curb the sale of red sole products in Manhattan stores. Because of the ambiguity of the two brands and the suspicion of deception, the defendant is required to pay 1 million. The loss of the dollar and the cessation of production of the same product, but also pointed out that in 2008 he has registered the plan for this red outsole in the United States.

However, a spokesperson for YSL suggested that “red bottom” cannot be regarded as a patent for Louboutin. Humans have had the precedent of red as a sole since ancient times.

The most striking example of the YSL spokesperson is that in ancient France, red-soled shoes were widely used as a symbol of rights and status in the courts of the upper class.

During the Louis XIV period, only the aristocratic man made the heel red. Red dyes are very expensive in ancient times and are made from a cochineal bacterium from Mexico, which only the aristocrats can afford. Later, due to the French Revolution, people gradually faded out of sight.

In 1939, the release of “The Wizard of Oz” fixed the status of “Little Red Shoes”. Adrian, a clothing designer at the MGM Studios in the United States, said: “The red leather shoes with short rounded heads bring a glimmer of hope and innocence to the darkness of the Great Depression and World War II.

Let’s take a look at Christian Louboutin and YSL’s lawsuit. Whether it’s Prada or Steve Madden, every manufacturer can produce red shoes. Louboutin’s focus is not on the exercise of color, but on the most symbolic plan of “red bottom”.

Since the “Desire City” was broadcast on HBO TV, the high heels with a cabinet became the dream of metropolitan women. In the 1990s, the most embarrassing footwear brand was undoubtedly Manolo Blahnik, and the Christian Louboutin presented in the following days was replaced by the momentum.

After a year and a half of lawsuit tug-of-war, the two sides finally chose to settle the dispute outside the court, but Christian Louboutin delineated the exclusive red range in the Pantone color to defend the patent and reputation of the red-soled shoes.

Even if Beckham’s wife is swinging, she must wear her beloved red shoes.

I can get the world by wearing red shoes.

In an interview, Christian Louboutin once described the impulse at the time: “The red sole is like a lipstick for shoes, which makes people unconsciously want to kiss, plus the exposed toes, it is very sexy.”

Perhaps this is the pair of shoes that can become a weapon for the rise of women’s consciousness.

When I was thinking about it, the first customer of the red-soled shoes was Caroline, the big princess of Monaco. At that time, as it is now, the princess or the king’s pass will surely become a burst. Since then, the reputation of the red-soled shoes has really been played. .

Soon, this red and red all over the world, the royal family, especially the big stars, made Christian Louboutin famous, turning over his customer list: Hollywood star Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, the woman who loves the world’s favorite high heels, Benedict, when she did not give up high heels due to pain, red shoes is her boots on various occasions. The red sole seems to have a magical power, which makes the delicate and delicate woman’s heart move, and makes the woman show confidence and sex in front of the man.

Any woman who passes through the shoes he made will fall into a feeling of comfort. Chris once said: “A pair of shoes should look good and not feel uncomfortable.” Many of his designs have a hidden front foot. At the bottom, although the height may reach 18 cm, the actual height is about 12 cm. For women who like to wear high heels, 12 cm is not an unmanageable height.

Today, Christian Louboutin’s high-heeled shoes are priced at more than $500, and customers are still in a constant stream. Tom Cruise even made a pair of his daughters when they were one and a half years old. The price is as high as $3,000, and the charm of the red sole can be seen. A spot.

Christian Louboutin changed the restrainedness of traditional shoe designers with a high-profile, arrogant attitude. The shoes he designed may not be the most comfortable in the world, but they must be the most unique. Christian Louboutin’s shoes are most like to use a variety of bright colors, especially the open toe style to win his favor, with the red on the sole of the logo, with the high heels to show the woman’s sexiest, swaying side.

In the world of high heels, this Frenchman can never be ignored. It gives women the sex and desire they want most. In the “Sherlock”, Irene, who was called “The Women” by the high IQ of Holmes, finally chose to wear a pair of red shoes to wear the shirt of the blessing. In “Sex and the City”, those women who regard high-heeled shoes as a fate claim: “As long as you wear red shoes, I can get the world.”

Of course, according to Christian Louboutin, a girl should not have only a pair of high heels. “At least there should be seven pairs of shoes, like seven sins, one pair of fun, one pair of flirting, one pair of work wear, one pair of vacations, one pair for spring At the moment, a pair never passes through and a pair of shoes you don’t like, with a pair of shoes you don’t like, you can remind yourself that you don’t have to dress perfectly at all times.”

Inventory of Christian Louboutin’s PILOUTIN Bags

Check out Christian Louboutin’s PILOUTIN bags. In fact, Christian Louboutin began his handbag design early in his career, when he owned only a small studio and a boutique in Galerie Véro-Dodat in Paris.

At that time, when guests tried on beautifully crafted and uniquely designed shoes, they always asked, “What kind of bag should I use?”, he helped the guests to conceive designs, and gradually began sketching handbags. In this way, these imaginations have finally become a reality, and their artistic creativity has evolved from the iconic red-soled shoes, resulting in a wider range of high-end fashion accessories including handbags and leather goods.


‘Pee-lou-tahn’ Pillow + Louboutin = Piloutin

“The concept of design is to shape handbags into small pillows that allow people to fall asleep. It is also a bag that women want to embrace tightly.”

The Piloutin bag was inspired by the world’s most fantasy legend – “Cinderella”. This soft evening bag resembles a treasure chest reminiscent of gorgeous cushions that hold up charming crystal shoes.

This exquisite collection presents three classic elements of the Louboutin brand and reinterprets them in an unforgettable way: Leopard studs, gradient crystals and Indian embroidery are given bolder designs. Each Piloutin has a unique story background. , It is very impressive to prepare for the world.

PILOUTIN SPIKES (Leopard willow nails)

The glittering beauty of Piloutin’s dancing dance is reflected in the exquisite detail. A total of 2437 Christian Louboutin signature rivets were used, and they were hand-set by skilled craftsmen on black Nappa leather. Rivets glitter in three metallic shades of gold, rhodium and palladium to create the same iconic leopard pattern. The design is full of attractive and chic details.

In the design of rivets, Christian Louboutin’s love for delicate rivets on high-grade antique ornaments is clear, and this decorative element can be used more perfectly. In the interesting leopard pattern, the glamorous girl and the cabaret dancer’s phantom act as if they were accompanied by a blooming flower.

This time, Piloutin also has a chain and a metal hanging ornament embellished with Louboutin lucky charms. Like other products in the series, Piloutin is lined with the stunning Piloutin red lambskin and hand-crafted from fine Italian leather. Piloutin’s enthusiasm is full of femininity, but her aura is strong yet fragile and sensitive. Where light flickers, it will shine brightly.

PILOUTIN STRASS (gradient crystal models)

This Piloutin reappears the vastness and mystery of the ocean with its glittering inclusion design. The color of Swarovski crystals is gradually changed from dragon sand powder to dark blue, with a rare full color. Each crystal is pressed by a master craftsman on a black suede cowhide. This Piloutin’s soft structure captures and reflects light from all angles, captures the unique glow of seawater after refraction, and has unparalleled luxury with any clothing accessory.

Inside the handbag, you can see the familiar Louboutin red lambskin. The entire Piloutin series shows a bold attempt in craftsmanship. From hand-pressed crystals to exquisite jewels with rich touch, all exquisite details embody Christian Louboutin’s craftsmanship and craftsmanship.

PILOUTIN MAHARAJA (Indian Grand Prix Series)

Piloutin Maharaja pays tribute to the luxury craftsmanship in India with gorgeous beads, beads, lenses and elaborate hand embroidery. Inspired by Christian Louboutin’s Mumbai trip, he was inadvertently attracted by a beam of light on a sunny day. Later he discovered it was a gorgeous embroidery shop, and he bought a lot of Indian traditional wedding dresses. The antique ribbon became his latest collection of travels to India.

Piloutin Maharaja gives a first glimpse of Christian Louboutin’s private collection. Each handbag is also decorated with a unique ribbon decoration. Due to the limited number of ribbons, the designs are all precious and unique. It is worthy of careful collection.

Like other models in the limited series, the Piloutin Maharaja features a double-stranded belt design with metallic detailing. The bag is lined with the brand’s iconic red sheepskin lining. The hand-written brand logo is engraved on a gold zipper closure to give Piloutin Maharaja the classic. The rhyme.

Christian Louboutin’s fairy tales

long long ago

A young shoemaker made a shocking deal with the stars

Make the entire country fall into endless darkness

No sun, no moon, no stars

Where are they all going?

The young shoemaker and the legend of the missing stars are the fairy tales that Christian Louboutin personally woven. Shows the designer’s perfect balance of femininity, exquisite dreams, and ultimate pursuit. It brings fascinating fantasy to accompany you through this romantic winter.

Together looking for lost stars in the sky

Christian Louboutin | 2018 spring and summer new orders

1: 2018 spring and summer series new products to the store

In addition to opening the pre-sale series of 2018 Spring/Summer collections, Loubitag (Graffiti) in the 2018 Spring/Summer Collection and the latest shelled rivets from the brand will also be available at the store and can be purchased directly.


“Open your eyes and open your heart… But don’t take a selfie!” This is Christina Louboutin’s happy and uncompromising way of life and work, and it is the perfect interpretation of the 2018 Spring Series Loubitag. The series will introduce men’s and women’s footwear as well as leather products. Each work in the series is printed or embossed with designer classic labels explaining the soul of the designer himself and his series.

With its bright eyes, sweet and colorful hearts and banned self-portraits, Loubitag perfectly illustrates the lifestyle and philosophy of Christian Louboutin, demonstrating the designer’s intimate communication with people and unlimited imagination and imagination. Love.

New Classic – Rivets

As a riveting element for the brand’s longevity, it was once again innovated in the Spring/Summer 2018 series with the introduction of shell-pattern rivets. Each rivet has an exquisite shell pattern.

2: Open more “special customization” series

The brand’s ever popular “Constellation Embroidery Order” reopened again! Embroid your constellation on classic shoes, including Pik Boat, Louis, Pigalle, etc., and you can compose a “his and hers” pair of shoes with the other half. Do you want to find the star that belongs to you?

ART021 Partner: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin and Indian Haute Couture Brand Sabyasachi

Cooperation launch limited high-definition series

These exquisite shoes and bags, like a piece of art, will also be on display at ART021.

In October 2017, French senior footwear designer Christian Louboutin is pleased to announce the exclusive launch of men’s and women’s shoes and small leather goods. The series will be hand-made sari material, with the design of the close partner, Indian Haute Couture designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee created.

“India’s craftsmanship is among the best in the world. The luxury of Indian craftsmanship is even more extreme. I hope that other countries outside of India can love crafts here as much as I do.” – Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin has been depicting fairy tales full of magical colors. This time, the two met in Mukherjee’s studio in Mumbai, more like real world fairy tales. The two designers are full of creativity, favoring India’s broad culture, exquisite handicrafts and food culture, and soon become good friends.

“India has been beating the heart of luxury since ancient times. Cooperation with Christians has re-established the tradition of clothing, integrating our craftsmanship with his philosophy, and creating unique happiness for the cultural birds. — Sabyasachi Mukherjee”

In July 2015, Christian Louboutin created the annual Haute Couture Fashion Show shoes for Sabyasachi in Mumbai. This is also the first time the two designers are happy and creative. In October 2016, Louboutin again provided footwear for Sabyasachi’s annual big show, while also adding a small amount of exquisite bags to shoes.

Afterwards, Louboutin received an invitation to visit Calbee, his hometown of Sabyasachi, to visit his collection of saris and ribbons. Seeing this, Christian is sad – so beautiful material must be a prisoner of darkness here? “We made these beautiful embroidery beautiful shoes and dance all night!” said Louboutin. “However, these sarees can no longer be duplicated, and some stocks are still very small, so I am afraid we can not mass production,” Sabyasachi reminded him. “I would rather only do two pairs of shoes and I would not like to leave such a beautiful material here for a long time,” said Louboutin.

As a result, the two designers decided to show this unparalleled beauty to the world, so that people outside of India can enjoy the country’s beautiful materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

In this limited edition series, it includes a sophisticated and elegant over-the-knee boots. The silky leather straps gently wrap the legs and show leg curves from the bottom up. This boots, named Tall and Deep, is just right. The world’s limited number of 8 pairs is tailor-made.

The designer used Sabyasachi’s sari ribbon to create 90 unique Piloutin handbags, making it the world’s most precious “small pillow”. The designer also created cute Poupette pendants for handbags, decorated with embroidered ribbons and crystals, and expressed the declaration of love to the Bollywood actress designed by Sabyasachi.

Christian Louboutin 1960s Series

Popular music, psychedelic colors, and fashion declarations conveyed the spirit of “Swing London” in the 1960s, which became the source of inspiration for the latest series of works. The design influenced by the influence of modern culture invites us to put on the best clothes and sway along with the band to swing all night.

In Circa 1996, Bibiba 85 & 100 were dressed in black patent leather and declared their presence on the high-heeled gold mirror. The fierce Fifi shoes gave her a feminine charm. The classic Mary Jane shoe-type and T-strap became the theme throughout this series of works, decorating the geometric lines of the square accessories. Bibiba cleverly fits into the 60s swing style, and even Diana Vreeland must be favored. Dancing on the disco floor was Bibiba 120 and 140. Bianca was proud to stand on a waterproof platform and sway with Peggy Moffitt and Penelope Tree on The Marquee’s dance floor all night. Bibiba infused the colors into the dark blue night sky to present two colors. Full Moon full moon bright yellow suede leather and playful Disco Square prints stand proudly on top of the clear yellow leather layered heel. The round-headed Bibibaby 35 boarded a cruiser and started a cruising tour. It was dressed in sparkling Full Moon yellow and Faise strawberry pink patent leather, with a new shoe last at full speed. Bibibaby exhausted all the pieces, showing the rock hit color pyramid rivets, shining on the transparent Lucite high-heeled. On the co-driver was a petite Paloma Nano. Above the calfskin, mini rivets smashed under the roof. The summer soul Strapiflat Flat and Mary Quant in a miniskirt walk on King’s Road to display a vibrant patent leather strap with a crisp white base with contrasting coloured pyramid studs.

The ladies Jerlita 100 and Zerlisixty 35 leisurely look through Paris Match and recall Françoise Hardy. The Zerlita Fifi is based on a classic shoe last, with a more patent elegance in black patent leather with a contrasting white patent leather T-strap and a gold mirrored heel. Trendy handbags with white and strawberry powder out of place in the modernist army extraordinary and refined. The up-and-coming ladies Zerlisixty 35 delineated the elegant silhouette of the ballet shoes, wearing a pale pink patent leather with a white patent leather bow. This pair of “love generations” of children with Lucite and social networking, Christian Louboutin with fashion fun perfect interpretation of the 60 years of classic history of fashion history. Visit Christian Louboutin or visit and @Louboutin world to discover the wonderful world of the new Spring-Summer collection!

Romantic round dance with Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin’s brand logo L was designed ingeniously as a smart red-soled shoe. Born in Paris, France in 1992, Christian Louboutin has quickly captured the attention of a large number of stars with its stunning four-seater style and playful personality. Even many Hollywood stars are willing to endorse it for free. In this rare “star effect”, Christian Louboutin quickly captured the “world’s first high-heeled shoes brand” fashion high.

For more than ten years, Christian Louboutin will be stunning to the end, creating countless exquisite high-heeled shoes for the world, and has achieved great attention both at home and abroad.

This gorgeous red seems to be the dream of an elegant woman who has transformed into a beautiful girl from all over the world. Also let the elegant woman Qin Hao Han from inside and outside shine glamorous luster. The implication of red-soled shoes is like the lipstick that is applied to the shoes is generally fascinating, and it also wins the favor of Feng Qihan, a pioneer in fashion appreciation.

In this well-received well-chosen selection, Qin Hao Han took the model and produced a fashion blockbuster for the brand. Under the camera, she seems to be an incarnate high-heeled dancer, dancing with them and smiling sweetly. The perfect 12cm heel gives the leg lines the most elegant curves.

Not only is the expert in high heels, this dream brand from the United States has a signature lipstick that is sought after by fashionistas. Christian Louboutin’s Queen’s Scepter series is inspired by a mysterious and precious water bottle in the Middle East. The lid resembles the back crown and is supported by metal buckles, such as a glowing gem. The three different crown packagings represent the matte finish of the respective matt, light, and gauze. Not only does the exterior design have an avant-garde appearance, but the coloring effect is also excellent. The color development is impeccable. It is large and long-lasting. It can be saturated with two layers. The texture is mellow and silky. It is comfortable and won’t be sticky. Special reminder that after printing, printing a layer with a paper towel will leave the color naturally. Under Christian Louboutin’s right red coloring, you instantly transform yourself into a sexy little wildcat that can be stunning in the dark.

White curve avant-garde, rose gold inlay personality, flat bottom rivets simple, black silk flowers sexy, paragraph models are so beautiful, it is greedy. Qin Hao Han has a team of high-quality and professional fashion buyers, and builds a large number of buyers cooperation platform, which has an unmatched and powerful market advantage in the reservation and purchase of limited quantities of defective products.

With the elegant heart of the girl who loves the beauty of her life, Qin Hao Han has a discerning eye on Christian Louboutin, and buys the most exquisite shoes.

Christian Louboutin’s Spring-Summer Collection Bags

Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer series has led us into a colorful jungle.

A variety of bright floral patterns have also been added to the rock-and-spot studs decoration. In addition to the flowers and trees in the jungle, there are of course a variety of wild animals, so a variety of python pattern bags and shoes are put in colorful colors.

In spring and summer, of course, we can not be less than a series of ethnic patterns, with beading, weave a variety of geometric patterns, rich texture and eye-catching!

Inventory Christian Louboutin launches Mexican style bag

Christian Louboutin presents a new Mexican-inspired bag MEXICANA! The handbags are made of hand-made cotton cloth with beautiful embroidery and hand-painted beads, making it a unique practical design.

This colourful handbag is a package created by ChristianLouboutin and design brand TallerMaya[link]. TallerMaya specializes in craftsmanship with the Yucatan Peninsula to create a unique collection of unique historical and cultural values. The brand is committed to retaining Mayan. The craftsman’s original craftsmanship and their ability to practice long-term economic independence coincided with Christian Louboutin’s philosophy.

TallerMaya writes a new definition of luxury through different original craftsmanship. The brand offers specially built, safe and friendly workshops for craftsmen to work together and build community awareness. These craftsmen are mainly women. They form small groups or large-scale cooperatives in remote villages. Some people understand traditional techniques. Others contact the craftsmen left over for the first time.

TallerMaya assisted in the establishment of sustainable development and a sound production system through the Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya social enterprise project. Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya provides materials construction workshops for craftsmen to work and learn together, and at the same time collaborate with in-house product designers to create unique crafts. Older craftsmen teach the younger generation craftsmen secrets, including cross-stitching and weaving. More than 200 artisans from Taller Maya come from different communities in the Yucatan Peninsula and receive fair treatment.

“This is absolutely one of the most important and challenging projects we have seen since the establishment of FHMM in 2002. We already knew that after accepting this challenge, all members of FHMM must fully invest in supporting the artisans participating in the community and ensuring that they We can create a quality product that meets the expectations of Christian Louboutin in line with the established schedule. We are proud to work with this outstanding group of people.” — Carola Diez, Director, Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya.

MEXICANA uses the exclusive Loubiskull lining that pays tribute to the Day of the Dead, which is an ingenious interpretation of the charm of handbags. The colorful and cute skull head is one of Christian’s favorite details, reflecting his love of Mexican folk art. “I like the lining of the new design. The pattern of the Day of the Dead becomes a happy ghost and guards you.”

Each Christian Louboutin store sells one MEXICANA bag, and will directly donate 10% of sales revenue to TallerMaya. However, handbags not only benefit charities but also generate income for craftsmen who make handbags. MEXICANA is the same as AFRICA, the first collection of handbags in spring and summer 2016. Each handbag is adorned with a lovely figurine pendant made by a woman working at La Maison Rose in Dakar, Senegal [linktoMaisonRoseblogpost].

Mexicana’s influence on the world does not stop there. The beadwork of each bag is also made by Christian Louboutin’s long-term partner in India. Leather details are carefully manufactured by the Italian production team of the brand.

The design of the brand certainly has quite a few elements of Paris! Therefore, the decorative details of each MEXICANA were completed in Paris and contacted artisans around the world.

Christian Louboutin’s Eloise Collection Bag

Christian Louboutin was born in Paris and lives with his mother and three sisters. The women in the city and city left him with an invincible imprint, which continues to be his work. An important source of inspiration.

The Christian Louboutin brand has become synonymous with innovative, sexy, playful designs and exquisite craftsmanship from the small studios and boutiques in the Galeri Véro Dodat in Paris. Over the past few years, Christian Louboutin has drawn inspiration from his passion for travel. His collection has also evolved from iconic red-soled shoes to a line of bags, leather goods, and beauty products. All products place women at the top of the list, aiming to highlight the natural beauty and grace of women.

Eloise sets the eye-catching charm of women into one, elegant and gorgeous, unrestrained, warm and cheerful, for the attention of many people. Her bold and splendid style highlights the infinite self-confidence and full of feminine charm, with a fatal appeal. Eloise releases sex, boldness, and pride, exuding irresistible appeal. Like many of Christian Louboutin’s designs and logos, Eloise also possesses an intoxicating sense of conflict, sharp edges, femininity, and a combination of strength and vulnerability, creating an eternal charm that spans time and space. She is like a great actress, charming charm runs through the present, the future, until eternity.

About Eloise

Eloise perfectly blends French design with Italian leather craftsmanship, seeking a perfect balance between the manufacturing process and the lines of women. The geometric colored trims hand-colored are eye-catching while emphasizing the lines of the body.

The rivet-inlaid leather elegantly wraps around the bottom of the Eloise bag like a silk scarf. Rivets are the classic symbol of the brand for a long time. Eloise has inlaid more than 100 rivets, and each of them has been carefully selected to add decorative elements to the original rigid lines. The detachable shoulder strap is only modified with a precise line to add more functionality to the bag. The classic Christian red suede lining highlights the unique charm of the brand, creating a richer and more filling texture.

In addition, Eloise has a brand-specific protective metal rivet bracket at the bottom, which is like wearing Christian classic shallow-heeled shoes.

Paris High Court admits Christian Louboutin owns red soles patents

This week, the Paris High Court ruled on a trademark dispute between French luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin and the French fashion brand Kesslord and announced that it recognizes Christian Louboutin’s patent rights for red-soled shoes.

The court emphasized the fact that “the French graphic trademark N°3869370 held by Christian Louboutin is in conformity with the conditions of intellectual property law”, which stipulates that the constituent elements of a trademark may be “visual marks, such as a combination of colors or hue”.

As early as 2013, Christian Louboutin warned Kesslord that the red shoes he sold were suspected of infringing his patented designs. Christian Louboutin Red used in the soles of red soles has been registered in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg. It specifically refers to “a specific red color used on the sole of a shoe” (PANTONE 18-1663TP). After a series of negotiations, Kesslord decided to appeal to the Paris High Court and demanded the revocation of Christian Louboutin’s red-soled shoe patent.

In March 2017, the Paris High Court found that Christian Louboutin won the case and sentenced Kesslord to compensate Christian Louboutin with 5,000 euros. After this judgment, the compensation increased to 7,500 euros

The Christian Louboutin brand emphasizes: “This verdict proves that our red-soled shoes are protected under the trademark law. This also confirms Christian Louboutin’s belief for many years that this distinctive identity with a high degree of recognition can be legally recognized. ”

In recent years, Christian Louboutin’s road rights to red shoes can be described as twists and turns.

In 2016, “Flamboyant” once reported that the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland rejected the application of Christian Louboutin and refused to list its red-soled shoes as trademarks-protected goods (for details, please see the related report of “Phoenix”: The Swiss court rejected Louboutin’s appeal and refused to provide trademark protection for its iconic red-soled shoes.

In February of this year, another court advisor stated that the court has no authority to stop other designers and retailers from selling similar red-soled shoes. (See “Phoenix” reports: Christian Louboutin applied for trademark protection for red-soled shoes in the Netherlands.) In March this year, the European Union’s Supreme Court stated that it is currently reviewing the case and expects to make a verdict in the next few months. However, there are rumors that Christian Louboutin may lose the patent for red-soled shoes. (See “Phoenix” reports: Christian Louboutin red shoes, the right to protect the road twists and turns, red shoes patents are in jeopardy)