Christian Louboutin continues to fight for red-soled shoes

Recent legal disputes regarding Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes continue. The Paris-based footwear brand has returned to the Dutch court, once in partnership with Dutch shoe company Van Haren. Today, this popular brand has launched a series of legal issues involving red soles, including a trademark infringement suit against Dutch shoemaker Van Haren. CL has sought the orders of the Dutch court to force Van Haren under his brand name. Stop selling your own red shoes.

Up to now, the case has been opened in front of the Supreme Court of the European Union (EU), which will determine whether Louboutin’s trademark is valid. In June last year, the CJEU’s advocates issued a non-binding opinion that European trademark directives can be combined with a color.

The CJEU who heard the matter last week will decide whether this is true or not. The decision is expected to be made in the coming months. This will help resolve the ongoing battle between CL and Van Haren, but judging from past relative litigation, this is not the end of the brand’s battle to protect and defend its red soles.