CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN New Flash Lip Gloss and Glass Lip Glaze Series – Blooming Galaxy Star Flash Charm

This summer, designer Christian Louboutin looks at the galaxy of the galaxy and finds inspiration for his collection of fashion and make-up, creating the ultimate lustrous Loubilaque glitter lip gloss series and crystal clear glass lip glaze Loubimiroir, the famous lacquer Lip gloss brings a new level of realm, emitting the charm of the Milky Way star.

The new Loubilaque glitter lip gloss series injects a star-like illusion of pearl in Christian’s favorite lacquer texture, allowing each shade to create a multi-angle sparkling metallic look that creates a dreamy discoloration effect. The clear lip gloss is infused with incomparably delicate scintillation particles, revealing a vivid color and accentuating the liquid metal-like effect, making the lips instantly full and full. The new Loubilaque glitter lip gloss series combines deep color, high gloss and long-lasting finish, and is one of the only unique formulas that perfectly balance these three elements.

The new Loubimiroir glass lip glaze is a transparent lip glaze with a glossy black vinyl record. It is like Christian Louboutin’s most representative patent leather design material. Loubimiroir glass lip glaze can create a mirror-like sleek look and multi-angle perfect reflection. , so that the lips are full and smooth. With a touch of light, the rich glass lip glaze highlights the natural contours of the lips and makes the lips more full. This one-of-a-kind lip glaze is extremely radiant and eye-catching, allowing lips to instantly become the focus of any makeup. It can be used alone to enhance the shine of the lips. It can also be used with any lipstick to create a more three-dimensional stunning lip makeup. In addition, Loubimiroir glass lip glaze contains moisturizing ingredients. Vitamin E and Shea Butter provide moisturizing and lightening lips, soothing lips and providing comfort.

Loubilaque glitter lip gloss series and glass lip glaze Loubimiroir are designed with Christian Louboutin’s unique drop-shaped applicator stick to release the most appropriate lip gloss while accurately contouring the lip contour. Together with the comfortable and non-sticky texture, it ensures a high degree of smear and comfortable sensation, and a faint feminine fragrance for a more perfect lip makeup experience.

Lip gloss and lip glaze adhere to the artistic spirit of high-end jewellery. The rich bottle is carefully engraved with the pattern of the mermaid tail. It is equipped with a small ring and a black ribbon, which can be used as a pendant. The crown cap, like a small tower, draws on the aesthetics of Middle Eastern antiques and Art Deco movements, and comes with elegant jewellery boxes and silk cloth bags.

Loubimiroir glass lip glaze – highly glossy transparent lip glaze

CRYSTAL QUEEN, Symphony Pink

IRIZA, rose pink

DORACANDY, candy lavender

DOLLYDOLA, red wine and raspberry