CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN new LES YEUX NOIRS eye makeup series cool hit, create gorgeous makeup

Christmas and New Year are approaching, and it is time to harvest new makeup products. In the makeup, the eye makeup can always create a change of makeup with colorful colors and delicate makeup. For example, the fashion extension of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN red shoes, the brand’s personality art into the new eye makeup series, let the makeup express individuality.

Inspired by the eye makeup of Queen Egypt’s Nefertiti, the Les Yeux Noirs collection features a carbon-black eyeliner that is completely contoured, and the eye makeup that does not add eye shadow is more cool and cool. In addition, inspired by the ancient Egyptian pictograms, the packaging design is inspired by the black and gold high-cold color, infused with the Egyptian lotus petal pattern, and the obelisk created with the geometric lines of the art deco, concise into a masterpiece of modern art.

Les Yeux Noirs Collection

LES YEUX NOIRS ─ Lash Amplifying Lacquer Mascara RMB 650/7ml

The pursuit of dense three-dimensional eyelashes, mascara blends thick colors and light and delicate texture formula, and is equipped with a special lash brush specially designed by criss-crossing piglets. With a pointed brush head, the mascara can be accurately and smoothly applied from the root. Each small eyelash has a long, curling effect.

Appearance highlights:

Continuing the design concept of high-end jewellery, the ribbed brass is used to create the appearance. The gold flashing shell is matched with the exquisite black spiked crown, which is radiant and placed in a noble and jewellery box. It is like a precious treasure.

Color system:

Khol squat black

Sevillana thick wine red

OEIL VINYLE──Luminous Ink Liner Eyeliner RMB695/4ml

Inspired by the brand’s classic patent leather, it accentuates the lacquered eye makeup. The eyeliner contains rich black ink, with shimmering lacquer, smooth and delicate liquid texture, smooth pen, long-lasting makeup without discoloration.

Appearance highlights:

Eyeliner is based on the idea of branded original nail polish, inspired by calligraphy art. The shape resembles a dagger, and the multi-directionally cut bottle is like a precious gemstone that refracts radiance and exudes a magnificent fashion temperament. The new pen-eye design of the eyeliner is exquisitely colored, which accurately outlines the eye lines and further enhances the charm and refinement of the eye makeup.

The exclusive Rouge Louboutin red tone, the interpretation of the essence of Christian Louboutin “l’oeil de braise”, gives a strong desire. The body of the eyeliner changes from dark black to classic red, highlighting the brand’s unique tonality.

Color system:

Rouge Louboutin Classic Red

Khol squat black

Lady Twist Indian Cobalt Blue

OEIL VELOURS──Velvet Eye Definer Eyeliner RMB375

The rich color formula combines smooth texture with precise makeup technology to create a variety of unique and outstanding makeup. The eyeliner is bold in color, as if it were the ultimate deep eye makeup effect of the Egyptian queen, and it does not decolorize for a long time.

Appearance highlights:

The simple and exquisite design uses a long pen length to create an elegant and elegant look while painting an artistic look. The pen body is made of ornate matte black material, and the pen end is decorated with a gold rivet pen cover. The shape is extremely precious and it is very exciting. Oeil Velours eyeliner is equipped with a pen planer to ensure that the tip of the pen is fine.

Color system:

Khol squat black

Zoulou soft brown

Fierce shiny deep purple

Deep Teal rich peacock blue

Hot Chick ramie bright yellow

BROW DEFINER ——Brow Definer Eyebrow Pencil RMB375

A multi-functional set of eyebrow pencils can outline eyebrow lines, sculpted eyebrows and fill eyebrows. The smooth formula makes it easy to create the ideal eyebrow shape, bringing a subtle and natural matte effect. The eyebrows are precise and three-dimensional, with outstanding makeup and long-lasting anti-smudge. The eyebrow pencil is equipped with a spiral eyebrow brush for easy shaping and finishing of the eyebrows, and a pen planer is attached to ensure that the tip of the pen is fine.

Appearance highlights:

The length of the eyebrow pencil has been carefully designed to reveal a stylish style, while at the same time it is easy to elegantly draw a detailed eyebrow shape. The body is made of ornate matte black material, and the gold studded pen cover is carefully decorated with delicate craftsmanship.

Color system:

Blonde Gold

Brunette brown

Auburn reddish brown

Taupe taupe


In 1992, Christian Louboutin opened its first boutique at 19 Jean-Jacques Rousseau Street in Paris, officially opening the history of the fashion brand Christian Louboutin. The designer, the artist and the craftsman are all in one, full of enthusiasm for the shoes, with a unique design style, let people know that the works come from their hands, the most classic is the design of his red sole. Louboutin’s men’s and women’s products are blended with wisdom, charm, elegance and craftsmanship, and the quality is unparalleled. Christian Louboutin’s men’s and women’s collection includes shoes, day and night handbags and small leather goods. The brand now has hundreds of specialty stores around the world, including a number of men’s clothing stores dedicated to men, and a unique make-up store located in the first district of Paris, adjacent to the 19 Jean-Jacques Rousseau boutique.