ART021 Partner: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin and Indian Haute Couture Brand Sabyasachi

Cooperation launch limited high-definition series

These exquisite shoes and bags, like a piece of art, will also be on display at ART021.

In October 2017, French senior footwear designer Christian Louboutin is pleased to announce the exclusive launch of men’s and women’s shoes and small leather goods. The series will be hand-made sari material, with the design of the close partner, Indian Haute Couture designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee created.

“India’s craftsmanship is among the best in the world. The luxury of Indian craftsmanship is even more extreme. I hope that other countries outside of India can love crafts here as much as I do.” – Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin has been depicting fairy tales full of magical colors. This time, the two met in Mukherjee’s studio in Mumbai, more like real world fairy tales. The two designers are full of creativity, favoring India’s broad culture, exquisite handicrafts and food culture, and soon become good friends.

“India has been beating the heart of luxury since ancient times. Cooperation with Christians has re-established the tradition of clothing, integrating our craftsmanship with his philosophy, and creating unique happiness for the cultural birds. — Sabyasachi Mukherjee”

In July 2015, Christian Louboutin created the annual Haute Couture Fashion Show shoes for Sabyasachi in Mumbai. This is also the first time the two designers are happy and creative. In October 2016, Louboutin again provided footwear for Sabyasachi’s annual big show, while also adding a small amount of exquisite bags to shoes.

Afterwards, Louboutin received an invitation to visit Calbee, his hometown of Sabyasachi, to visit his collection of saris and ribbons. Seeing this, Christian is sad – so beautiful material must be a prisoner of darkness here? “We made these beautiful embroidery beautiful shoes and dance all night!” said Louboutin. “However, these sarees can no longer be duplicated, and some stocks are still very small, so I am afraid we can not mass production,” Sabyasachi reminded him. “I would rather only do two pairs of shoes and I would not like to leave such a beautiful material here for a long time,” said Louboutin.

As a result, the two designers decided to show this unparalleled beauty to the world, so that people outside of India can enjoy the country’s beautiful materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

In this limited edition series, it includes a sophisticated and elegant over-the-knee boots. The silky leather straps gently wrap the legs and show leg curves from the bottom up. This boots, named Tall and Deep, is just right. The world’s limited number of 8 pairs is tailor-made.

The designer used Sabyasachi’s sari ribbon to create 90 unique Piloutin handbags, making it the world’s most precious “small pillow”. The designer also created cute Poupette pendants for handbags, decorated with embroidered ribbons and crystals, and expressed the declaration of love to the Bollywood actress designed by Sabyasachi.

Christian Louboutin x Star Wars | Last Jedi Luxury Dreams

Following the 2012 Cinderella and the 2014 Spell of Cry, Christian Louboutin and Disney have once again joined forces to display their magic! Based on the different personalities of the four heroines, he designed four extremely stunning high-heeled shoes for the latest movie of the Star Wars series. Who can think of Red Shoe Master is actually a loyal fan of Star Wars!

A pair of red-soled shoes created by Daisy Ridley’s Rey as a scavengers on the desert planet Jakku, and the cortex’s ankle strap design was inspired by the belt she wore in the movie. The transparent part represents the samurai power and the original force she has; and the details of the blue jewels on the shoes are a tribute to the creativity of the lightsaber in her hands.

This pair of purple red shoes is modeled on Laura Dern’s admiral Amilyn Holdo, just as she was a lavender hair in the movie. Mr. Louboutin obtained inspiration from her costume style and applied the details of the folds to the uppers of the shoes to truly restore the characters to the high heels.

Mr. Louboutin uses metal color to become the overall tone of high-heeled shoes, creating a smooth mirror effect, sharp and proud. Needless to say, it can be seen at a glance that red-soled shoes are prepared for Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie. The silver armor she wears in the movie is incarnate as a cross tie and is perfectly integrated into the design.

Even the newly-introduced Rose Tico by Kelly Marie Tran was inspired by Muse. As a repairman, the red sole shoes designed by Mr. Louboutin are fashionable and practical. He used the creative waterproof platform and rough details to show the movie’s character settings in an incisive manner. He also used sand-colored ankle straps to represent the color of uniforms and incorporated the concept of beauty into everyday life.

The most surprising is the four red shoes, jewelry design on the upper. “I like the spacecraft in the Star Wars.” Mr. Louboutin continued: “Because the design of each high-heeled shoe is different, so I added the common finishing touch to these four shoes, that is, the image of the spacecraft. “The jewelry based on the spacecraft is set on top of beautiful shoes. It is not only a tribute to the movie “Star Wars,” but also a wonderful presentation of female power.

“When I’m designing high heels, I usually incorporate a character into the design,” added Mr. Louboutin. These unconventional shoes are not only created for the characters in the movie, but are also designed for the four actresses.

Such creative full-out red-soled shoes are only sold as auctions, and the proceeds will be donated to the non-profit Starlight Children’s Foundation in the name of the charity project Star Wars: The Power of Change. child.

The secret of Christian Louboutin red high heels, the founder to you!

How to describe you best?

What’s special about comparing anything with you?

Feeling strong on you, but not understanding, intuition.

A few simple lyrics in “Red High Heels” express not only the singer Tanya Chua’s love for high heels, but also her intimate relationship between women and high heels.

You may have heard this sentence: The logo of an elegant woman, perhaps starting with a pair of red shoes…

So, what are the reasons for high-heeled shoes to become the majority of women’s “good heart”, but who is the design and production of high-heeled shoes has become the dream of many women?

Today, DOCO Jun specially brought us a documentary “The Father of Red Shoes” from France.

Whether it is a woman or a man, high heels are a kind of fatal attraction.

Walking on the streets of France, you will see French women dressed in high heels, painted red lips, and even hair.

High-heeled shoes for women, is an elegant, beautiful God assists, and let high-heeled shoes become the favorite of most women is the designer of shoes. Among them, the Christian Louboutin created by the famous French designer Christian Louboutin is the dream of every woman.

His high-heeled shoes not only demonstrated the gentility and sexiness of women, but also enabled women to enjoy the comfort of flat shoes after wearing high-heeled shoes.


When Rubuto was very young, he always thought he was adopted because his skin color was much deeper than his three sisters. In 2014, he finally learned that he was the result of a momentary passion for his mother and an Egyptian.

What makes people laugh and cry is that when he was interviewed by The Scotsman newspaper in 2012, he said:

I don’t feel like I’m French. My family is a typical French, so I think they probably adopted me.

I made up my own story. There are many characters from Egypt because I am very interested in Pharaoh.

Ruboto’s father was a furniture worker. He was influenced by his father since childhood and he was interested in making handicrafts. This subtle influence spread until he became the designer of women’s high heels.

In addition to high-heeled shoes, Rubto also designed shoes worn by actors in Kabale (music-style musicals). At the same time, he also used his sharp and unique vision to examine Kabale’s shoes.

Kabale has always been changing. This kind of cabaret show is always advancing with the times, so the shoes are also showing a revamped design.

Rubito always felt that she was born in a woman’s heap. The mother had been 44 years old when she had given birth to him. He did not become a teenager until the mother was 60 years old. For him, the mother also holds the status of a kind old man like grandma.

Lubotto started working in 1991 and his mother’s encouragement was his motivation to pursue his ideals freely. Today, he can achieve this success without the unselfish love and support of his mother and family.

As for the manufacturing concept of shoes, Ruboto has always upheld his own heart:

There are many uses for shoes. The shoes I make are not for walking. I want to use these shoes to remind people of fetishes. They have a close relationship with desire.

Lubto’s attitude towards shoes is always unique. He conveys love and hope, psychedelic and trendy through his shoes. Each of his shoes is a work of art, worthy of appreciation and worthy of collection.

From the observation of things, the storage of memories, to the collection of materials, to the transformation of details, the production of a pair of shoes contains the hard work of designers, novel ideas, and unique ideas.

Even after a few years, Ruboto always remembers clearly what his father said:

If you walk along the texture of life, things will be very smooth. If you want to act against the texture of life, even in the best circumstances, it will not be satisfactory.

This is the “designer road” that he has always insisted on. At the same time, this is also his philosophy of life.

He is accustomed to learning new things in life, opening his eyes, looking for creative inspirations in life, exploring root causes, and feeling fashion in freedom and tolerance.

The unique design makes Rubato a “dreamer” for women’s fashion, and makes red shoes become a new “dreaming artifact” in this era.

2.First pair of red shoes

The earliest high-heeled shoes were born in Italy, where the design is rejuvenated. Italian designers pay attention to the exact size of the shoes and can’t tolerate the term “almost”.

Lubotto’s success is also inextricably linked to Italy’s long tradition of shoemaking.

Rubio began to touch high heels at the age of twelve, and Roger Vivier (the founder of the Roger Vivier brand, which became the preferred wedding shoes for young girls) was his idol.

I did not expect that the first store will be in full swing and the business will grow bigger and bigger, even receiving orders from U.S. businesses. Rubito immersed himself in the studio all day exploring how to design the mystery of beautiful shoes. He always said:

Numerous design drawings and aggressiveness are what I want.

When talking about his inspiration for designing the first pair of shoes, Lubto recalls this:

In the Museum of Art in Paris, Africa, and Oceania, the women’s high-heeled shoes are displayed on the sign in front of the door, and the shoes are painted with a red cross. Out of curiosity, I visited the signs on the study door almost every week, only to find that it meant prohibiting wearing high heels.

I don’t understand why a pair of women’s shoes would suffer the fate of being banned. After a long time, I can always think of this point, only to understand their ideas for women’s shoes come from these signs.

From the earliest “inseparable” series consisting of three pairs of shoes, to the later transparent, tattooing, and exclusive custom series, the operation market of Lubtuo has gradually grown.

From the first production of the brochures, the search for partners, to the first overseas export, and the replenishment of supplies, the brands created by Ruboto and his are quickly published in the fashion section of major magazines and become leaders in the field of high heels.

3.The secret of the red

The red sole is like a lipstick applied to the shoes. It makes people unconsciously want to kiss, and the exposed toes are even more sexy.

The use of red as the colour of the soles of the shoe by Christie Rubteau dates back a long time ago:

In Louis XIV, only noble men could make the heel red.

The red dye was expensive at the time and was made of a cochineal from Mexico. Only the nobles could afford it.

Lubotto’s inspiration for creating red-soled shoes came from a muse living next to him. He felt that the black soles of high-heeled shoes at the time looked very unpleasant, but they also suffered from no inspiration to break the design deadlock.

In an accident, the assistant’s action of painting red nail polish made him shine. So he painted the red nail polish on the black sole and finally he had the prototype of red shoes.

In this way, in 1992, Ruboto pioneered the red-soled shoes brand.

He used red as the main color of high-heeled shoes, combined with graceful limb curves of women, boldly incorporated new elements of fashion, and mixed red shoes of different styles, becoming the first choice for most women in the future.

Christine Scott Thomas, the heroine of the film “The British Patient,” recalls that 15 years ago when she was doing movie promotion, she received a pair of beautiful orange-gold shoes sent by Rubone. The leather is very delicate. It feels like jewelry, and it is still treasured.

Arielle Dombasle, the singer and actor, also stated that all the shoes she had on the stage were made by Rubato and many pairs were worn during the filming period. Red soles became her favourite brand.

For women, high-heeled shoes are like an extension of the body, almost integrated into the body.

On the one hand, it can change the shape of women, on the other hand, it can also enhance the gas field of women. It would be no exaggeration to say that high-heeled shoes are women’s confident, strong assists.

I don’t know if you remember the pair of shoes made by the female high school student Yukihide in the Japanese animated film “Lotus House”.

It may not be worth the price, but it carries him to her, to youth, to the love of life.

In the real world, Ruboto also uses his designed red-soled shoes to tell women respect and love.

I hope that this documentary will lead women on their love red shoes and move forward to surprise and joy.

Christian Louboutin continues to fight for red-soled shoes

Recent legal disputes regarding Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes continue. The Paris-based footwear brand has returned to the Dutch court, once in partnership with Dutch shoe company Van Haren. Today, this popular brand has launched a series of legal issues involving red soles, including a trademark infringement suit against Dutch shoemaker Van Haren. CL has sought the orders of the Dutch court to force Van Haren under his brand name. Stop selling your own red shoes.

Up to now, the case has been opened in front of the Supreme Court of the European Union (EU), which will determine whether Louboutin’s trademark is valid. In June last year, the CJEU’s advocates issued a non-binding opinion that European trademark directives can be combined with a color.

The CJEU who heard the matter last week will decide whether this is true or not. The decision is expected to be made in the coming months. This will help resolve the ongoing battle between CL and Van Haren, but judging from past relative litigation, this is not the end of the brand’s battle to protect and defend its red soles.

Christian Louboutin nude color series high heels sexy advertising large

Christian Louboutin shoes outlet

Christian Louboutin godfather of red sole shoes | independent from the mainstream

If you ask, what is the pair of high heels women most want to have? A large proportion of people will answer “red shoes”. This was because of the chance that Christian Louboutin, the godfather of red soles, created these famous shoes.

Christian Louboutin is about to attend the China-US Fashion Charity Night held in New York on May 4, 2018. He was also the first designer to become the Chinese-American Fashion Charity Night Advisor. The China-US Fashion Charity Night began with China Fashion Night hosted by Ms. Yu Yuexi in 2013. That year, Chinese fashion first landed on the New York Charity Platform and the event was reported by leading mainstream fashion media magazines including VOGUE and WWD. Since the establishment of the China-US Fund in 2011, Yue-Sai has advocated the use of “the power of the United States” to improve the social welfare of women and children and strengthen cultural exchanges. Through recognition of the pioneers who promote Chinese fashion to the world, and increase the international popularity of new designers who use Chinese elements as their inspiration, we encourage, disseminate, promote, and inherit fashion creations inspired by Chinese elements. At the beginning of the China-US Fund, Christian Louboutin donated a specially-made shoe auction. It was also the link between Yuexi and charity, which contributed to this award for Christian Louboutin.

Do not know from what day, stepping on a pair of iconic red shoes from French designer Christian Louboutin on any occasion, has become the dream of many women, this is only a few, do not recognize another logo The shoes that can be easily discerned are even more magical. Even though you are walking behind the women who step on the red shoes, you can also sigh in a moment, because you see that red, Eyes will surely shine. Blake Lively, a Hollywood actress who played Serena in Gossip Girl, has a special liking for this red spot and has come alive.

Christian Louboutin’s “The Red Goddess Godfather” has fans from Angelina Jolie to Kaia Gerber, from Gigi Hadid to Jennifer Lawrence, from Asia to Europe, from the most elegant party to the red carpet where the flash lights gather because you don’t Q: What is this shoe? You already have a few numbers in your heart. This is the legendary “red shoes.”

It is accidental to say that Mr. Christian Louboutin invented red-soled shoes because there are too many people who work on the surface of the shoes, but when he sees the female assistant painting nail polish on the toes, the large red color stimulates the inspiration of Christian Louboutin. , so the positive red painted on the soles of the shoes, from this reputation.

This smeared red not only made a pair of shoes immediately popular in the world, was loved by star artists, merchant politicians and royal aristocrats, but also let women put on it immediately showed ample personal charisma, “all women need a pair of beautiful high heels” And in all the high-heeled shoes, the red-soled shoes are full of deadly charm. This is nothing unique in the field of footwear. Men are fascinated by this red, like the charming red lips, and even the urge to kiss. Christian Louboutin said: “Red soles are like lipsticks applied to shoes. People don’t want to kiss, plus their exposed toes are even more sexy.”

Such a pair of shoes is indispensable for people. The highly streamlined type of recognition and the red color that appears before each step are even called “free advertising.” Because you can see the representative color, It is enough to judge this person’s taste.

Mr. Christian Louboutin, who has undergone professional training and studied shoes, has a firm grasp of leather, craftsmanship, shape and other details, making each pair of red soles perfect enough, although in many cases stilettos are a challenge for women. , but there is an eternal theory, that is, the higher you look, the more charming you look. Therefore, this ultimate high heel never disappeared in people’s sights, just as he did for the Chinese-American Fashion Charity Night. The organizer Ms. Yu Yuexi said that his high-heeled shoes not only displayed the gentleness and sex of women, but also enabled women to continue to move freely after conquering the world.

Christian Louboutin – The pair of red high heels that you once fell in love with

From the Queen of Jordan to Hollywood stars, royal royalty to fashionistas, all women are crazy about having a pair of “red shoes!”

But do you know that the idea of red shoes is derived from nail polish?

The creator of red-soled shoes, Mr. Cristi Ruboto, once passed by a museum in Paris when he was young and saw a prominent icon, which meant to remind the lady in high heels not to hurt the carved floor in the exhibition hall.

The meaning of the icon he did not pay attention to, but it was fascinated by beautiful high heels in the icon.

Initially, Cristi often had trouble designing shoes until one day when he saw the female assistant painting nail polish on the toes.

2018 spring and summer series new shoes Christian Louboutin

The story-telling bright eyes, sweet and colorful hearts, banned self-portraits of the taste, Loubitag vividly on Christian Louboutin 2018 spring and summer series, bold and fearless over-the-knee boots Moulin Noir, the classic in the fun of So Kate , Elegant and playful Lahore, casual and easy Masteralta Donna Pat, which brushstroke did you choose to express yourself?

Sexy or charming christian louboutin shoes outlet

Want a pair of magic shoes that quickly create long legs? Reality will be able to find, sexy and feminine pointed high-heeled shoes, but in the fashion circle one of the best leg making machine, whether it is a small rough legs or short legs wearing christian louboutin pointed shoes moment, instant incarnation long leg goddess . Such a love-loving pair of shoes, it is simply obsessed with difficulty. Refreshing summer, pointed christian louboutin high heels for you to create supermodel legs.

In the era of major fashion brands in the pursuit of desperately exposed toes, such a retro and elegant christian louboutin high heels look different. Refreshing gray, creating a gentle elegance. Comfortable low-heeled style makes it easy to ease the discomfort of high-heeled shoes and easily wear high-street fashion sense. Exquisite shoes, play a modified foot effect. Leather material, breathable effect is very good.

It is said that the flowers in nature are most similar to women. They have charming charm and wait for their beauty to be discovered. The classic petal shape adds romantic elegance and details to help you get rid of the stereotyped and boring Christian louboutin shoes. Retro dark green, full of noble temperament, wild and set off the white leg bones. Slim heel, walking light and comfortable.

As the new fashion leader, V-Shoes has the outstanding effect of embellishing the feet and can easily create slim and beautiful feet. The passionate red color represents a full and sexy feminine personality. Every MM needs such a classic pair of Christian louboutin heels. Refreshing sandals shape to avoid the summer hot feeling. Simple and comfortable wine glasses, easy to walk and easy to ease the walking pressure.

Pointed Christian louboutin high heels bring a bit of elegance, suitable for wearing as a party. With retro luxury sequins, it adds a touch of glamour beyond simple. Classic hollow shape, elegant elegance, avoid the hot feeling of the foot. Comfortable 7.5cm height, easy to walk. Behind the exquisite embellishment, full of movement, showing romantic temperament between walking.

Commuters or dating, a pair of high-level senseless black Christian louboutin high heels hold up your gas field. Simple pointed style, adding cool and chic temperament. Trendy bandages form an elegant and romantic charm, creating a slim and simple temperament. Delicate bows embellish the sweet temperament to the end, inadvertently show a bit of retro elegance. Matte leather to create a subtle sense of fashion.

Elegant light pink with retro suede material, showing women’s gentle romance, suitable for dating wear, girlfriend power max. The classic vintage cross straps create a soft sister temperament that avoids splitting of the legs and feet. Sweet flower outlines, adding a sweet temperament to the girls. Comfortable with the height, do not have to endure the pain of Christian louboutin high heels, wear the same graceful posture. It’s not too cumbersome to wear and it’s easy to simplify the shape.

Charm begins with christian louboutin shoes outlet

Which sister paper did not taste the sweetness of the Christian Louboutin shoes, has its day is full of confidence every day, but there is a good side is a bad side,christian louboutin,christian louboutin, originally to the feet and the ground to maintain a certain distance It can better reflect charming.

But because this is supported by the forefoot of both feet, friction will be the beginning of pain. However, the sister paper will give in to this, how can it be, but will be more infatuated.

The beauty will have to pay a price. This is a truth. The woman’s nemesis is the woman’s blessing star. Even if there are so many unhappy people, they will still smile face, just because of the beauty, like the perseverance of delicious. It’s hard to leave.

When you go out, how can you let other people’s temperament pressure themselves, a pair of christian louboutin shoes will all win back, like a halo, lingering around you, not enough given?

Today’s cities have their unconvincing character as they used to. Elegant and romantic are on your side. Are there any companionship for Christian louboutin shoes? The sexyness of urban women is a manifestation of self-confidence and a proud expression. Christian louboutin shoes gives them a lot, and when they walk out the door, they will welcome countless fans and rely on your noble gesture.

Christian louboutin shoes is like a band-aid for every woman to take with them. For the sister paper, the height of the Christian Louboutin Shoes is not a problem, and then the US Christian Louboutin Shoes will be mastered, is not the high-heeled shape of the fish’s beak will not squeeze feet, how can it, according to the shape of the shoes when the toes will be all squeezed The part facing the fish mouth reveals a sexy side.