go in to the red high heels master Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin’s sexy red shoes, but the world’s fashion girls want to have a sacred gift. At the same time, it is also curious to know that the master is located in the home of Paris, what is the style? Christian Louboutin’s mansion in Opéra, Paris, is a perfect interpretation of the minimalist French style.

But the master will certainly not be disappointing. The house is full of unique collections that he brought home after traveling around the country, such as Egyptian-style chairs, feather headpieces from the Amazon, and North American god masks and dolls, plus him. The zebra-patterned carpet, often used in shoes and handbags, adds a mysterious and gorgeous wild exotic atmosphere to the mansion.

The shoe master is of course also a shoe fan. In addition to his room full of nearly 200 pairs of shoes, there is a mask of Prince William of England. The original red shoe master is also fun and cute except for taste.