Christian Louboutin godfather of red sole shoes | independent from the mainstream

If you ask, what is the pair of high heels women most want to have? A large proportion of people will answer “red shoes”. This was because of the chance that Christian Louboutin, the godfather of red soles, created these famous shoes.

Christian Louboutin is about to attend the China-US Fashion Charity Night held in New York on May 4, 2018. He was also the first designer to become the Chinese-American Fashion Charity Night Advisor. The China-US Fashion Charity Night began with China Fashion Night hosted by Ms. Yu Yuexi in 2013. That year, Chinese fashion first landed on the New York Charity Platform and the event was reported by leading mainstream fashion media magazines including VOGUE and WWD. Since the establishment of the China-US Fund in 2011, Yue-Sai has advocated the use of “the power of the United States” to improve the social welfare of women and children and strengthen cultural exchanges. Through recognition of the pioneers who promote Chinese fashion to the world, and increase the international popularity of new designers who use Chinese elements as their inspiration, we encourage, disseminate, promote, and inherit fashion creations inspired by Chinese elements. At the beginning of the China-US Fund, Christian Louboutin donated a specially-made shoe auction. It was also the link between Yuexi and charity, which contributed to this award for Christian Louboutin.

Do not know from what day, stepping on a pair of iconic red shoes from French designer Christian Louboutin on any occasion, has become the dream of many women, this is only a few, do not recognize another logo The shoes that can be easily discerned are even more magical. Even though you are walking behind the women who step on the red shoes, you can also sigh in a moment, because you see that red, Eyes will surely shine. Blake Lively, a Hollywood actress who played Serena in Gossip Girl, has a special liking for this red spot and has come alive.

Christian Louboutin’s “The Red Goddess Godfather” has fans from Angelina Jolie to Kaia Gerber, from Gigi Hadid to Jennifer Lawrence, from Asia to Europe, from the most elegant party to the red carpet where the flash lights gather because you don’t Q: What is this shoe? You already have a few numbers in your heart. This is the legendary “red shoes.”

It is accidental to say that Mr. Christian Louboutin invented red-soled shoes because there are too many people who work on the surface of the shoes, but when he sees the female assistant painting nail polish on the toes, the large red color stimulates the inspiration of Christian Louboutin. , so the positive red painted on the soles of the shoes, from this reputation.

This smeared red not only made a pair of shoes immediately popular in the world, was loved by star artists, merchant politicians and royal aristocrats, but also let women put on it immediately showed ample personal charisma, “all women need a pair of beautiful high heels” And in all the high-heeled shoes, the red-soled shoes are full of deadly charm. This is nothing unique in the field of footwear. Men are fascinated by this red, like the charming red lips, and even the urge to kiss. Christian Louboutin said: “Red soles are like lipsticks applied to shoes. People don’t want to kiss, plus their exposed toes are even more sexy.”

Such a pair of shoes is indispensable for people. The highly streamlined type of recognition and the red color that appears before each step are even called “free advertising.” Because you can see the representative color, It is enough to judge this person’s taste.

Mr. Christian Louboutin, who has undergone professional training and studied shoes, has a firm grasp of leather, craftsmanship, shape and other details, making each pair of red soles perfect enough, although in many cases stilettos are a challenge for women. , but there is an eternal theory, that is, the higher you look, the more charming you look. Therefore, this ultimate high heel never disappeared in people’s sights, just as he did for the Chinese-American Fashion Charity Night. The organizer Ms. Yu Yuexi said that his high-heeled shoes not only displayed the gentleness and sex of women, but also enabled women to continue to move freely after conquering the world.