Do you know the legend of Christian Louboutin?

Christmas is coming, Christian Louboutin brings us a legend – “Magic Craftsman and Lost Stars”, open the album, let us come to the world of CL…

A long time ago, a country unfortunately indulged in the infinite darkness. There is no sun during the day and no stars or moon at night. An extraordinary shoemaker was alone in the black house at the top of the stone tower, devoutly writing a letter. “Dear the sky,” he just opened his head and quickly crossed out and changed it to “My dearest sky”, but it was deleted again. He knows that he can’t be forgiven, and the darkness will always hang over the country. Many years ago, this talented young shoemaker made a shocking deal with the sky. He actually borrowed all the stars of the midnight.

He used his deep eyes to call the echo of the sky, begging the sky to borrow his stars. With the stars, he can make a pair of beautiful shoes. The sky was impressed by this whimsical friend, generously responded to his request, and reminded the craftsman when the midnight bell rang: If you don’t return the stars after twenty-four hours, the moon will no longer appear in the night sky. The sun is no longer warm. This country will lose its whiteness, and the long night will be long and boundless.

The young shoemaker made a promise to the sky, and the stars and stars flew into the room and surrounded him. In a galaxy, he quickly sketched and danced with a knife. The shoemaker’s flexible fingers are magically fiddling with different shoemaking tools: elegant shoe lasts, slim heels, delicate toe caps… stars, carefully placed in the blue sheepskin. In the end, he gave the soles a striking red. A pair of beautiful fairy tales was born, and the eye-catching light is even more embarrassing than the night sky.

The shoemaker placed the pair in the shoe box with his own name, Christian Louboutin, and quickly sent it to the palace. The queen was very surprised, every step of the dance was shining, and all the guests were dumped. Midnight is coming, young shoemakers are anxiously waiting in the workshop.

However, at this time, the Queen’s servant sent a delicate wooden box. She couldn’t give up the pair of stars, and ordered the treasure chest to be exchanged for the stars. The shoemaker opened the box and looked at it with a box of precious materials and shoe-making tools, exquisite tweed, goatskin, silk and countless gems! The shoemaker hesitated, and the enthusiasm for shoemaking finally forced him to leave his vow to the sky. He promised the Queen’s request and left the treasure chest.

The shoemaker woke up the next day, and the sun did not rise as usual. As the sky reminded, the earth fell into deep darkness, and the young craftsmen looked at the dark world. Time passed by in the darkness, and the queen gradually grew old and died. The two grown-up princesses, though their different personalities, are as fascinated as ever. Especially for the pair of stars dance shoes. The shoemaker has been pleading for years and has not touched the two princesses.

At this time, the country is rumored to be rumored, and the two princesses seem to have formed a deep hatred. The greedy princesses want to take the pair of stars full of stars as they are. The shoemaker once again fell into deep uneasiness and embarrassment. At this moment, a corner of the room glowed, and the shoemaker followed the light to find the dusty wooden box and found the shoe last that was the queen’s shoe. Full of box tools and treasures shine, his inspiration is resurrected again! The shoemaker combines two wooden shoes with skillful craftsmanship to create a unique masterpiece of art. This rare object is covered with soft lambskin, with a strong metallic finish, a delicate silhouette, a flexible slender zipper and a unique buckle. Like the star dance shoes, the shoemaker also gave it a dazzling bright red and wrote his name!

The shoemaker was not willing to delay for a moment and immediately set off for the palace. The shoemaker showed the two princesses, “What treasures have you brought, is it noble and extraordinary?” asked a princess in a sly tone. “What treasures have you brought, if you are as special as you said, I must take it for granted!” Another princess was not willing to show weakness. In the face of the greedy princess, the shoemaker handed this treasure.

Suddenly a wonderful thing happened! This treasure is glittering in the hands of a living and princess; in the hands of another princess who is restrained, it turns into a deep and unpredictable black. “Smart and dexterous shoemaker, your wonderful and magical new work makes us intoxicated. The bitter hatred has disappeared, and you use your whimsy to save the crack between our sisters.” However, the shoemaker immediately robbed the treasure from the hands of the princesses: “If you want to get this treasure, please allow me to return the stars to the sky and bring light to the earth!” The princess looked nervously at the stars. Dance shoes, and cast a look at the exquisite treasures in the hands of the shoemaker.

In the face of magical charm, the princess finally returned the star dance shoes to the shoemaker. Louboutin quietly left. In the darkness, he was lightning fast, stepping on the stairs of the stone tower, pushing open the window, excitedly The stars are removed from the shoes, thank you for the dazzling light they bring, and wish them a smooth return to the sky. The stars finally hang high again and reproduce the sparkle.

“You created my stunning beauty with my stars, but the price is so heavy. Fortunately, you finally made the right decision, my dear friend. Remember, never let hope fall.” The moon and the stars are hung again. In the sky, the shoemaker can finally sleep with satisfaction. The next day, I believe that the rising sun will definitely awaken him from his dreams.