The secret of Christian Louboutin red high heels, the founder to you!

How to describe you best?

What’s special about comparing anything with you?

Feeling strong on you, but not understanding, intuition.

A few simple lyrics in “Red High Heels” express not only the singer Tanya Chua’s love for high heels, but also her intimate relationship between women and high heels.

You may have heard this sentence: The logo of an elegant woman, perhaps starting with a pair of red shoes…

So, what are the reasons for high-heeled shoes to become the majority of women’s “good heart”, but who is the design and production of high-heeled shoes has become the dream of many women?

Today, DOCO Jun specially brought us a documentary “The Father of Red Shoes” from France.

Whether it is a woman or a man, high heels are a kind of fatal attraction.

Walking on the streets of France, you will see French women dressed in high heels, painted red lips, and even hair.

High-heeled shoes for women, is an elegant, beautiful God assists, and let high-heeled shoes become the favorite of most women is the designer of shoes. Among them, the Christian Louboutin created by the famous French designer Christian Louboutin is the dream of every woman.

His high-heeled shoes not only demonstrated the gentility and sexiness of women, but also enabled women to enjoy the comfort of flat shoes after wearing high-heeled shoes.


When Rubuto was very young, he always thought he was adopted because his skin color was much deeper than his three sisters. In 2014, he finally learned that he was the result of a momentary passion for his mother and an Egyptian.

What makes people laugh and cry is that when he was interviewed by The Scotsman newspaper in 2012, he said:

I don’t feel like I’m French. My family is a typical French, so I think they probably adopted me.

I made up my own story. There are many characters from Egypt because I am very interested in Pharaoh.

Ruboto’s father was a furniture worker. He was influenced by his father since childhood and he was interested in making handicrafts. This subtle influence spread until he became the designer of women’s high heels.

In addition to high-heeled shoes, Rubto also designed shoes worn by actors in Kabale (music-style musicals). At the same time, he also used his sharp and unique vision to examine Kabale’s shoes.

Kabale has always been changing. This kind of cabaret show is always advancing with the times, so the shoes are also showing a revamped design.

Rubito always felt that she was born in a woman’s heap. The mother had been 44 years old when she had given birth to him. He did not become a teenager until the mother was 60 years old. For him, the mother also holds the status of a kind old man like grandma.

Lubotto started working in 1991 and his mother’s encouragement was his motivation to pursue his ideals freely. Today, he can achieve this success without the unselfish love and support of his mother and family.

As for the manufacturing concept of shoes, Ruboto has always upheld his own heart:

There are many uses for shoes. The shoes I make are not for walking. I want to use these shoes to remind people of fetishes. They have a close relationship with desire.

Lubto’s attitude towards shoes is always unique. He conveys love and hope, psychedelic and trendy through his shoes. Each of his shoes is a work of art, worthy of appreciation and worthy of collection.

From the observation of things, the storage of memories, to the collection of materials, to the transformation of details, the production of a pair of shoes contains the hard work of designers, novel ideas, and unique ideas.

Even after a few years, Ruboto always remembers clearly what his father said:

If you walk along the texture of life, things will be very smooth. If you want to act against the texture of life, even in the best circumstances, it will not be satisfactory.

This is the “designer road” that he has always insisted on. At the same time, this is also his philosophy of life.

He is accustomed to learning new things in life, opening his eyes, looking for creative inspirations in life, exploring root causes, and feeling fashion in freedom and tolerance.

The unique design makes Rubato a “dreamer” for women’s fashion, and makes red shoes become a new “dreaming artifact” in this era.

2.First pair of red shoes

The earliest high-heeled shoes were born in Italy, where the design is rejuvenated. Italian designers pay attention to the exact size of the shoes and can’t tolerate the term “almost”.

Lubotto’s success is also inextricably linked to Italy’s long tradition of shoemaking.

Rubio began to touch high heels at the age of twelve, and Roger Vivier (the founder of the Roger Vivier brand, which became the preferred wedding shoes for young girls) was his idol.

I did not expect that the first store will be in full swing and the business will grow bigger and bigger, even receiving orders from U.S. businesses. Rubito immersed himself in the studio all day exploring how to design the mystery of beautiful shoes. He always said:

Numerous design drawings and aggressiveness are what I want.

When talking about his inspiration for designing the first pair of shoes, Lubto recalls this:

In the Museum of Art in Paris, Africa, and Oceania, the women’s high-heeled shoes are displayed on the sign in front of the door, and the shoes are painted with a red cross. Out of curiosity, I visited the signs on the study door almost every week, only to find that it meant prohibiting wearing high heels.

I don’t understand why a pair of women’s shoes would suffer the fate of being banned. After a long time, I can always think of this point, only to understand their ideas for women’s shoes come from these signs.

From the earliest “inseparable” series consisting of three pairs of shoes, to the later transparent, tattooing, and exclusive custom series, the operation market of Lubtuo has gradually grown.

From the first production of the brochures, the search for partners, to the first overseas export, and the replenishment of supplies, the brands created by Ruboto and his are quickly published in the fashion section of major magazines and become leaders in the field of high heels.

3.The secret of the red

The red sole is like a lipstick applied to the shoes. It makes people unconsciously want to kiss, and the exposed toes are even more sexy.

The use of red as the colour of the soles of the shoe by Christie Rubteau dates back a long time ago:

In Louis XIV, only noble men could make the heel red.

The red dye was expensive at the time and was made of a cochineal from Mexico. Only the nobles could afford it.

Lubotto’s inspiration for creating red-soled shoes came from a muse living next to him. He felt that the black soles of high-heeled shoes at the time looked very unpleasant, but they also suffered from no inspiration to break the design deadlock.

In an accident, the assistant’s action of painting red nail polish made him shine. So he painted the red nail polish on the black sole and finally he had the prototype of red shoes.

In this way, in 1992, Ruboto pioneered the red-soled shoes brand.

He used red as the main color of high-heeled shoes, combined with graceful limb curves of women, boldly incorporated new elements of fashion, and mixed red shoes of different styles, becoming the first choice for most women in the future.

Christine Scott Thomas, the heroine of the film “The British Patient,” recalls that 15 years ago when she was doing movie promotion, she received a pair of beautiful orange-gold shoes sent by Rubone. The leather is very delicate. It feels like jewelry, and it is still treasured.

Arielle Dombasle, the singer and actor, also stated that all the shoes she had on the stage were made by Rubato and many pairs were worn during the filming period. Red soles became her favourite brand.

For women, high-heeled shoes are like an extension of the body, almost integrated into the body.

On the one hand, it can change the shape of women, on the other hand, it can also enhance the gas field of women. It would be no exaggeration to say that high-heeled shoes are women’s confident, strong assists.

I don’t know if you remember the pair of shoes made by the female high school student Yukihide in the Japanese animated film “Lotus House”.

It may not be worth the price, but it carries him to her, to youth, to the love of life.

In the real world, Ruboto also uses his designed red-soled shoes to tell women respect and love.

I hope that this documentary will lead women on their love red shoes and move forward to surprise and joy.