It’s a beautiful thing – Christian Louboutin first released children’s shoes IKEA

Christian Louboutin’s first children’s shoes collection with fashion website Goop

Footwear brand Christian Louboutin recently announced that it will launch the “Loubibabys” limited edition children’s shoes in collaboration with the fashion lifestyle website Goop. This series of satin children’s shoes is designed with Mary Jane, one of the classic shoes of red shoes, on the buckle. The bows are handmade and come in three colors: red, blue and gold. The “Loubibabys” limited edition will be released on Goop’s official website on November 16th. The brand will also be available in the Christian Louboutin stores in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The shoes are priced at $250.

The little story behind Christian Louboutin

Salvatore Ferragamo knew that she wanted to make shoes at the age of 9 and had been doing Made-to-measure shoes (Royal shoes); Roger Vivier used shoes as a sculpture; Manolo Blahnik used shoes as a story; and Jimmy Choo is a perfect extension that makes shoes into people.

Have you discovered that these have experienced the baptism of time and the big names of precipitation, and sometimes they have something in common with each other:

Roger Vivier and Manolo Blahnik, they use shoes to express the world inside their brains. Making shoes is the way they communicate with the outside world.

Jimmy Choo and Salvatore Ferragamo also have many similarities. For example, the birth of these two people is relatively poor, very small, and they know that they like to make shoes. After adulthood, I went to college to do a good job: Salvatore Ferragamo went to California to study Anatomy (anatomy); Jimmy Choo went to London to learn shoes in the UK. These two people are very determined to be custom shoes, Made-to-measure shoes.

The most similar point is that both of them have spared no effort to protect their initial intentions and protect their calling. Ferragamo’s second generation all entered the family business, and the family’s average is given to these six children, so that you do not have to be distracted to compete for family business, and manage your own section. His attire was also passed to the most talented and enthusiastic eldest daughter, Fiamma, and later Vara Pump. In the third generation, in order to ensure the inheritance of this calling, the 23 grandchildren and daughters only selected the three most capable and sincerely loved the business to enter the family business. This Ferragamo family protects the way of calling.

In order to protect his original heart, Jimmy Ch decided to leave when he was in the hands of the co-founded brand of the same name. He returned to the starting point to open a small shop to make custom shoes, and this ingenuity was written in their respective brands. In the DNA.

However, the brand is like a person! Since there is a similarity between people, there will inevitably be a far cry. Today we will talk about a very maverick existence, Christian Louboutin.

What is the biggest difference between this brand and the previously introduced brand? Everyone still remembers that some of the previous shoemakers had studied at some stage of their life, so today Christian Louboutin did not drop out of school because he had been expelled three times by the school until he was 12 years old. It is. People have no books to read, are Dropped out of school dropout, he is Got expelled from school (expelled from school) for three times, by the age of 12. Such a child should be considered a Trouble maker.

But it was the first time such a teenager made the most high-heeled shoes in the world. Why are you swearing? While few people might might recognize his face, his sole (sole) is one of the most recognized in the world. Christian Louboutin is a man who looks so ugly! You may have to look at him a hundred times before you remember his face. But his sole, S.O.L.E Do you still remember this word? When we talked about Ferragamo’s patent, Thin Steel sole, sole is the part of the sole.

This designer, this man looks like a general, but the sole of his shoes is the whole world, and he can recognize it at a glance. His sole is one of the most recognized in the world. Because all his shoes are red. Bottom shoes, this red bottom, everyone can call him Red sole or Red bottom, that is the part of the sole, it is red.

When a person is wearing the shoes and standing in the same place, you can’t see the red one. But once this person walks, every step of the way, there will always be a flash of red flashing through your eyes in a fraction of a second, just like applying a very bright lipstick to the shoes. Moreover, this bright color is from time to time when people walk around, from time to time, always can involve your nerves, staring at them and staring at them, trying to catch Catch her, so why is this the best? Will swear by the high heels.

Christian Louboutin himself is very funny when he interprets the magic of Red sole. He said that Men are like bulls. They cannot resist the red sole. When a man sees a woman, when he wears this red high heels, he Like the bulls seeing the red cloth waving, they can’t resist, want to conquer, this feeling is special.

In the world of Fashion, you can use the Saobao to evaluate. It is definitely not a derogatory. This is the supreme Compliment. Christian Louboutin was originally a very good person.

He is completely different from Jimmy Choo. When he makes shoes, Jimmy Choo wants to communicate. To understand the customer’s needs, his character, his story, and then to do the Perfect extension for this person. Madonna wore Jimmy Choo, the enhanced version of Madonna; Michelle Obama wore Jimmy Choo, an upgraded version of Michelle Obama.

Jimmy is an achievement type and a type of Supportive. He feels that customers are comfortable, that is the most important. Christian Louboutin, he feels that you are uncomfortable, in his opinion Fashion overrides comfort. (fashion is better than comfort). He feels comfortable in fashion, then why do you wear high heels, you wear a small cloth shoes. So many of his shoes are five-inch high heels. Most of his shoes are five inches tall, which is 12 centimeters.

Who is wearing such shoes? His customer base, in fact, the characteristics are still very obvious: The sexy, sky-high (hate high), signature red-soledshoes have been seen on the feet of superstarsincluding Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham.

Everyone watching “Tomb Raider” Smith, you know what style Angelina Jolie is, especially can play; Scarlett Johansson is the black widow in the “Avengers”, she is also able to play; Lady Gaga I won’t say this, everyone flips through her MV, the gas field is as high as 500 meters; Victoria Beckham is the winner of the life, now she has her own eponymous fashion brand, just her Red-soled collection, we It is possible to open a single episode. The true love powder of this red-soled shoe that everyone is familiar with in China is Fan Fan Bingbing, who dares to say “do not marry the giants, he is a giant”.

Have you found Christian Louboutin’s high-end loyal users, as if they have similarities in their temperament, the designer himself said He has a very specific customer (specific customer) in mind when he sketches a shoe.

When he was designing shoes, he had a very specific customer image in his mind. What kind of image is this? He said that I like my customer to be fierce. He hopes his clients are some embarrassing characters. Everyone thinks again, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Bingbing Fan are not very fierce. Very fierce?

What kind of shoes do people really wear, what kind of shoes do people design, then how does Christian Louboutin design such high and hard shoes?

First of all, when he was a child, the background was like this: born in France in 1963, Had no interest in school growing up, he has no interest in learning in the process of growing up, we already know. His father is a carpenter, his mother is a Stay-at-home mom, his father wasn’t around much, so Louboutin spent a lot of his early years in the company of his mother and Three elder sisters.

When I was young, my father was not at home. Christian Louboutin is the youngest in the family. It can be said that he grew up in a woman’s pile. That way, Louboutin affirmed that his hobby was influenced by the female point of view, that is, something that would attract women, and naturally attracted. Then he was not fired out of school for the third time when he was 12 years old. This time he simply did not read, left home and went shopping.

On the sign is a high heel, and then this high heel is hit with a big fork, which means that a woman can’t enter the museum with high heels. For this kind of problem, the child Trouble maker, you are so eye-catching, telling him what can’t be done, and then he started a chemical reaction in his rebellious heart. It was crossed…like, forbidden, in red. It was a forbidden sketch.

This is a forbidden shoe, so for the Louboutin who is in the rebellious period and was expelled from school for the third time, the more he looks at the shoe, the more he feels that the shoe is beautiful. It may be because the shape of the high heel itself is beautiful, but it is more likely because of the striking red cross, this image of the “forbidden shoe” stuck with him throughout the years. The look of the shoes has been in his mind for many years and is lingering.

Inspiring his first collection, then he couldn’t stop, pick up the pen and paint the shoes everywhere in the image in his head. The books on the table are the high heels he painted. “I wanted to defy that”, “Loboutin said, “I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered.”

“I want to design something to break the rules. I want to help women feel confident and feel powerful! So, he opened the fate of high heels. Then there are a lot of things happening, we don’t have one by one. I talked in detail.

He worked in the nightclub and made high heels for the dancers. He also studied with his masters and learned to make shoes with a very famous shoemaker in France in the 1970s. Then in the 80s, he also worked as a Free-lance shoe maker in Chanel, Maud Frizon, and Yves Saint Laurent. He was a freelance designer. After signing the contract, he helped design shoes for these brands. Even he even entered Roger. Vivier works. So these experiences have taught him the Thes and outs of the trade. Do you still remember this expression?

After all the inside and outside of the industry, he learned about it. In 1991, he founded his own name brand Christian Louboutin. The red-soled shoes were born after the brand was established. In 1993, one pair of shoes he had designed before was designed and handed over to the factory. When the sample was sent back, he looked at his shoes and looked at his design, which was almost exactly the same. However, Louboutin feels that the drawing was stronger, something was missing in the prototype (sample).

So where is the difference between this painting and this sample? After the sample is made, the sole of the sole is a large area of ​​black. Of course, the sole is not visible on the drawing. So when he saw this sample shoe, he always felt that it was not quite right.

At that time, Louboutin, he had a female assistant. In fact, the job of the female assistant was to help Louboutin try shoes. When there was no shoes to try, she watched Louboutin still immersed in the difference between the real thing and the sketch, and she began to be a little bored. So she took out her bottle of red nail polish Nail polish and began to paint herself.

At this time, Louboutin’s attention was suddenly captured by the small color of the front, so he was inspired to take the bottle of red Nail polish in the hands of the assistant, and applied it to the bottom of the shoe. Painted on the sole.

Suddenly the world is back, everything is right. When he saw his own pen, he was already amazed: Oh my god! Red soles are so flirtatious. The red sole is so sultry, flirt is flirting, flirtatious is very sexy and very horrible . Red would have made people feel Passion, or in such a sole, you can’t see it all the time. She wants to flash when she walks, you have to stare at her wholeheartedly to catch, how flirtatious.

Since then, the women have been unable to stop. From Princess Caroline of Monaco, the Monaco princess, All the customers asked him not to stop. The customers told him not to stop, we will have red bottoms for future shoes, And so he did.

So this Red sole became the Trademark (trademark) of Christian Louboutin shoes, and the whole world was stopped by this red color. Growing up in a woman’s pile, she was also very interested in women’s items; rebellious, but was tolerated by her mother and sister; then because the museum banned high-heeled shoes, she embarked on the road of making shoes; finally because of the assistant’s A small bottle of red nail polish made the world’s most stunning high heels. What kind of shoes are really what kind of shoes, people who want to make a bag will definitely encounter the business of making a baggage. Again, this is a compliment.

Dear friends, the little story behind our big brand, let’s just come to an end here. For more than a month, we talked about five jewellery brands, five fashion big names and the stories of their founders, and five classic red carpet shoes brands. The reason why we share these stories with you is not only because these works are so beautiful, but also because of the beauty of each, and because of the polishing of time, they have written a lot of good stories.

I don’t know if everyone like me, like to play a variety of theme parks. I think interesting people, people who are passionate about life, like a theme park, maybe there are some themes, such as haunted house is not my dish, but I like these people when sharing their theme, Passion in the eyes . That makes me feel that life has a lot of looks, and it’s all very interesting.

A brand like a person, a brand of intention must be fun. I hope that these little stories will let you enter these brand stores in the future, not only seeing the labels and logos, but also walking into the theme parks, seeing Passion everywhere, and stories everywhere.