Christian Louboutin Fall Winter Movies

Each of Christian Louboutin’s collections also expresses the designer’s unique perspective on women in different ways, and this season is no exception. The 2018 autumn and winter series reveals the typical masculine style, inspired by the changing female psychology, showing the neutral charm of legends such as Marlene Dietrich.

The shoes made from men’s clothing combine with superb cuts and a variety of traditional men’s fabrics, including flannel, wool and cashmere. The elegant design comes from Louboutin Homme’s classic style, including booties, oxfords and derby shoes, with the above One season’s best-selling Zazou and Platt Dance Flat flat shoes, between the formal and casual styles, exudes an unexpected sexy charm.

Louboutin Homme’s more slender, three-dimensional Italian shoe last has been redesigned to match the ladies’ foot shape. Masterpump Flat dress shoes bring three variations, all of which combine a slender Italian look with a tempting traditional Oxford toe to showcase the femininity of menswear, yet elegant and feminine, perfect for tempting sexy looks . Masterpump Flat uses a smooth, glossy patent leather to pay tribute to successful entrepreneurs. The dark grey and crimson suede styles are reminiscent of the famous scholars, while the black velvet version adds to the exquisite style of men’s dresses. .

The more casual style of the FRWL Orlato 55 is the fashion attitude of the French New Wave actress. The subtle design is complemented by a British round toe, plus a swirl print with cashmere and dark red flannel, a lambskin toe and a transparent The current thick heel. Leather shoes with Italian Orlatura piping, painted with beaded leather, and intertwined with delicate lines

The new style of Masterboot exudes awe-inspiring temperament, with avant-garde bright black calf patent leather and luxurious dark blue suede. The New Masterboot Flat features a traditional Chelsea boot structure with elastic side and pull ear for a casual yet casual look. The Gadessita 55 features the same bootie structure with a chunky heel and a high heel, black lambskin and camel suede for a more refined look. The above three avant-garde shoes are also derived from the men’s collection, and nowadays they are transformed into fashionable women’s shoes, which highlights the charming and charming style of Christian Louboutin.