Christian Louboutin that a woman must have, and more stories that you don’t know

Some of Christian Louboutin is far more than red or hate high, just take the most popular word belt and strap sandals for example. Almost every girl has at least one pair. In fact, CL already has

The above styles of high heels are popular “hot models”, but they have appeared in Christian Louboutin’s design over the years.

The most popular socks and high heels, Christian Louboutin also played in 2001!

Every woman seems to want to have a pair of Christian Louboutin, especially the red of the sole, it is really fascinating

Louboutin said that he was not very satisfied with the appearance of a pair of shoes, then grabbed a bottle of nail polish from a colleague and painted the soles red.

“It gives the whole shoe a new life, exactly the same as my sketch, so I think so, I should use color to outline the outline,” he said.

Later, I added that although some of his guests always felt black all over the body, their red lips and red nails gave him the courage to try the red bottom.

Many of his death loyalties come from Hollywood stars who wear red shoes and walk the red carpet.

Rihanna, also likes to use Christian Louboutin in private.

What you never expected is that the first pair of shoes designed by Christian Louboutin is not a high heel, but a pair of flat shoes.

That’s right, this pair of flat shoes with the word “LOVE” is also very interesting about the design of these shoes.

LOVE, the first pair of shoes designed by Christian Louboutin

The Princess of England, Diana, was inspired by the photos of the shoes and sad expressions sitting in front of the Taj Mahal. So he designed the LOVE flats, which I wanted to see Princess Diana see from her point of view. Written LOVE, dispelling her sadness in the photo

This pair of designs is inspired by the dancers. You can get an elegant sense of agility from the front of the Pigalle toe and the flowing tasseled heel. It can not only modify your leg shape, but also Let you get different elements on the front and back

Guinness’s play is very heavy. Can you imagine that the design of the heel is derived from beer cans? Today, this playful beer heel also captures the hearts and minds of countless inner and lively women.


You may be confused when you look at the name. How can there be garbage in Christian Louboutin? I hope to design a pair of abstract, simple and pretentious shoes. Once again, he used the garbage in the trash of a female worker in the factory to mix it with his previously designed shoe frame to get this creative. Casual shoes


This pair of shoes has a romantic story: a Christian Louboutin female friend falls into deep love, can not wait to be inseparable from her husband, and Christian meets her request, he will love the friend’s husband’s love letter and friends’ hair, together with the husband and wife The set of items is sealed at the heel, so that the friends are really inseparable from the lover.

For everyday collocation, even if you have a simple pair, just have a pair of Christian Louboutin to make the embellishment, it will definitely make the whole shape get the finishing touch.

So be a woman, you must have a pair of Christian Louboutin in your shoe cabinet.

Romantic round dance with Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin’s brand logo L was designed ingeniously as a smart red-soled shoe. Born in Paris, France in 1992, Christian Louboutin has quickly captured the attention of a large number of stars with its stunning four-seater style and playful personality. Even many Hollywood stars are willing to endorse it for free. In this rare “star effect”, Christian Louboutin quickly captured the “world’s first high-heeled shoes brand” fashion high.

For more than ten years, Christian Louboutin will be stunning to the end, creating countless exquisite high-heeled shoes for the world, and has achieved great attention both at home and abroad.

This gorgeous red seems to be the dream of an elegant woman who has transformed into a beautiful girl from all over the world. Also let the elegant woman Qin Hao Han from inside and outside shine glamorous luster. The implication of red-soled shoes is like the lipstick that is applied to the shoes is generally fascinating, and it also wins the favor of Feng Qihan, a pioneer in fashion appreciation.

In this well-received well-chosen selection, Qin Hao Han took the model and produced a fashion blockbuster for the brand. Under the camera, she seems to be an incarnate high-heeled dancer, dancing with them and smiling sweetly. The perfect 12cm heel gives the leg lines the most elegant curves.

Not only is the expert in high heels, this dream brand from the United States has a signature lipstick that is sought after by fashionistas. Christian Louboutin’s Queen’s Scepter series is inspired by a mysterious and precious water bottle in the Middle East. The lid resembles the back crown and is supported by metal buckles, such as a glowing gem. The three different crown packagings represent the matte finish of the respective matt, light, and gauze. Not only does the exterior design have an avant-garde appearance, but the coloring effect is also excellent. The color development is impeccable. It is large and long-lasting. It can be saturated with two layers. The texture is mellow and silky. It is comfortable and won’t be sticky. Special reminder that after printing, printing a layer with a paper towel will leave the color naturally. Under Christian Louboutin’s right red coloring, you instantly transform yourself into a sexy little wildcat that can be stunning in the dark.

White curve avant-garde, rose gold inlay personality, flat bottom rivets simple, black silk flowers sexy, paragraph models are so beautiful, it is greedy. Qin Hao Han has a team of high-quality and professional fashion buyers, and builds a large number of buyers cooperation platform, which has an unmatched and powerful market advantage in the reservation and purchase of limited quantities of defective products.

With the elegant heart of the girl who loves the beauty of her life, Qin Hao Han has a discerning eye on Christian Louboutin, and buys the most exquisite shoes.