Tropical Charm | Christian Louboutin Spring Summer Collection

It’s a splendid look on the toes.

It’s also a fascinating landscape in the walking room.

Christian Louboutin 2018 Spring Summer Collection

Elegance and creativity


From the vitality of the tropical carnival, to the mysterious romance of the distant East, to the elegant and modern British retro…Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection opens a new season across the space with a variety of regional styles and bold and innovative colors. .

Inspired by the daily life of the Aztecs, the Aztec collection: Kaleitop 85, Donata Flat, and Kaleikita 100 perform a different tribal style. The beautiful ornaments are presented with sun patterns and gemstone details, showing the infinite worship and love of the sun.

Oriental charm continues to inspire and attract the world in the 2018 Spring/Summer collection. Regardless of day and night, the Oriental elegance of Muller’s shoes at Medinana Flat is eye-catching. Lightweight shoes with soft leather and mini studs add brilliance to the bright tassels.

The British rock music of the 1960s, with the magical color of the hallucinogen, provided a continuous inspiration for the designer Christian Louboutin, which was reinterpreted in this season’s footwear collection. Bibababy Flat’s eye-catching color is the epitome of the 60s style, and the mosaic of colored metal and transparent heel reveals the beauty of creativity.

The sun on the west coast of the United States penetrates the palm, leaving light and mottled, giving the Explotek 100 a fantastic shoe shape. Rich color leather with fishnet detailing softens the original geometric lines of the Explotek 100, adding a touch of palm tenderness.

Line outline

Interpret the infinite charm of the lines, this season Christian Louboutin uses a variety of shoes to perform the wonderful toe.

The different materials are designed with a strap-on design to give the Toerless Muse Flat a sense of elegance and elegance. The unique design with details and elegance elegantly outlines the sexy lines of the female ankle.

Designer Christian Louboutin’s Girlistrappi 100 shoe, named after actress Blake Lively, seems to lead us into her closet and explore her elegant taste of cross strappy heels.

Corsankle Flat cites the design of the women’s corset and applies it to the design of the ankle straps of the shoes, revealing the feminine contours of women. The arch is made of different materials and is eye-catching.

The brightly coloured stitching design unleashes an invigorating look, and Antigua Bay Flat’s smooth, streamlined straps make women’s glamour come out.

Decorative Arts

Unlimited creativity in the details. Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection blends stunning creativity into the shoe’s décor, making each pair of shoes as artistic as the eye-catching.

Grinding crystal clear crystals into stars, embellished on textured velvet, Gravitanita shoes are as intoxicating as the vast galaxy.

The perfect combination of geometric elements and nature, the metal butterfly shape combined with different kinds of rivets is admirable, and the Farfaclou Flat’s toe is like a flapping wing, which creates a unique sight.

The new rubber soles, soft and bright tones, whether you are walking on Venice Beach or enjoying the city night with your love, Buckle Up series can always bring unlimited wear and tear between high and low.

Colorful, bright and colorful, the extraordinary style of the Cherry series debut. These delightful cherry motifs are decorated with hand-embroidered and cracked leather to create a fun and elegant look.

Strolling the city

Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2017 men’s collection continues the gentleman’s classic elegance while incorporating a creative design that reveals a new modern gentleman’s look.

In addition to the gentleman’s classic footwear design, the men’s new shoe type Zewar Flat combines the creativity with the chic and elegant classics.

Charlie Clou Flat presents the face of Louboutin gentleman with round rivets. The carved details of Charlie Me Flat’s shoes make the gentleman more attractive in this business season.

Vital innovation

In the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the Rantus Orlato Flat Glossy Patent exudes summer vitality with seasonal, vibrant colours; the AC Louis Flat, with its innovative, unlined design, is a summertime close friend of Louboutin gentleman with lightness and comfort.

Oliveira Flat combines the brand’s signature embroidered badges with Muller shoe styles. With the attitude of Dandelion, it also has an unparalleled softness and lightness. This summer, Oliveira Flat will be a gentle walk of the city gentleman.